Saturday, February 2, 2013

I get so excited when I get surprised by color in nature. WOW! Did you see that?  A splash of pink in the sky,  golden hue over the ocean, a bright orange in the middle of the ocean.  Such beautiful reminders that real beauty is not man made.  I am always a little startled by the reminder that these awesome crazy colors can be found right in the middle of nature.  Color has always moved me.  Some people have smells that remind them of memories, colors have always done that for me.  There is a certain green that always reminds me of a certain grass infield (baseball), a fucshia that reminds me of hibiscus flowers in Hawaii, a yellow that reminds me of wildflowers of Briar Patch Mountain.

Inspiring.  Motivating.  Surprising.  And it is there for all of us to enjoy... you just have to get out there and enjoy it.  Immerse yourself in color.  Let it breath life into you.

God is the ultimate artist.  Go out today and try to find a surprising color. 
 Make sure you share it when you do...