Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Best Valentine Day EVER.

Due to several different illness'... last weekend we self quarantined ourselves to the house.  I was feeling pretty puny and we spent time just recovering. My furniture supplier (father in law) had just made a new delivery and I was chomping at the bit to be working but my body just wasn't ready.  I had been telling Dear Hubby that my desire for the beds were to create benches with them.  
Now,  DH has been in favor of my furniture rehab adventure,  
he has even given up his mancave for my studio.  
But the buck stopped there.  

So that morning, when DH began to build benches for me... my heart grew.  
You see, that is a Valentine to me.  This is not his dream.  
But for him to support MY dream... 
it tells me he BELIEVES in me, my skills, and what I am trying to achieve.   

And along the way, he also taught his son the same value.  Both of them working to support me... 
well, it was just the best Valentine ever.  

And the end result?

After... Lavendar bed to bench exterior paint/sealant... with Seahorse in Love design...