Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Queen

"Hey Kim, we have a dresser we would like to have painted, want to take a look at it?"  Don't mind if I do... and when I did... yep, I fell in love with this beauty.

This piece commanded respect.  She became known in my house as The Queen as soon as she arrived. Beautiful lines, gorgeous hardware but really needing a new outfit.  After consulting colors with my DC  (Dear Client), I decided to make my own chalk paints using Sherwin Williams 6450 Easy Green as my base and SW6448 Greening as my top coat.  SW Duration Home Semi gloss made a great chalk paint ingredient for me and mixed really well.  

 I need to ask my DC  what she uses in her drawers because they smelled fabulous! 
 I will pass on her secret as soon as I get it!

This is The Queen after her top coat before her distressing.  Chalk paint dries very quickly and allows for quick layers.   Distressing was so much fun with this piece.  DC had gotten her at an estate sale, so I don't know her history, but I made a pretty fun one up while I was distressing her, imagining where she would have been scraped and nicked.   Here is the Queen after her distressing...

And here is the beauty after her clear wax and her hardware was cleaned and replaced. 
All Hail the Queen!