Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

I had a very special Coastal Star donation a few weeks ago.   One of my workmates, a youth minister at our church, had this piece of furniture most of his adult life.  He received it when he was first starting out in ministry.  This lovely lady has been treated well, and had served well in her life, but she is still a baby and has LOTS of life left!   Lots of character, and her bones are good.  First I gave her a good Murphy's oil soap bath and let her dry.  Then I coated her two layers with white chalk paint and some tangerine chalk paint I had mixed for other projects.  Even though she liked her new clothes, she still didn't "glow".  Ok, time to pull out the big guns.  Baby girl got a coat of Sherwin Williams white cashmere paint on her frame and SW Tangerine for the drawers.

Added some Coastal Star(fish) on the drawer pulls, a wax and buff... and now... BEAUTIFUL! 
Nobody will put Baby in a corner now... 
she is a show stopper!