Friday, April 19, 2013

To Paint.. or Not To Paint... THAT Is the Question?

Paint natural materials? or leave it to it's natural beauty?  What to do?  I know what you think what I am going to say... I own a small painting business... LET'S PAINT THIS SUCKER!  I do love paint.  
I love to re-create... the surprise of the before and after...

But no.  You shouldn't always paint.  

There.  I said it. 

Yep. You heard me.

And the world didn't collapse.

For every piece, I have a process.  Basically, it depends on the shape of the piece.  Is the wood damaged in any way?  Will any stain treatments not do well except under paint?  Do I have all the pieces?  If I have to borrow a set of rails from another headboard... it just ain't gonna look right unless it is painted and dolled up.  Any noticeable repairs to make?  Chairs and table a mismatch?  Guess what, the same paint job can make them look like a set.

In my world, there are just no hard and fast rules. I will work for weeks with a certain piece in the corner of my studio while I wait for it to tell me what it wants.
Sometimes it is a mixture... natural table top/painted legs.

And while we are on the subject...
 I am a great chalk paint supporter.  LOVE THE STUFF!  I generally make my own with my own "recipe" that seems to be pretty chip/scratch resistant. I have found a wonderful local retailer of Maison Blanche Furniture Paint that I will be using on my next custom job.  (More on that later!)  My "normal" routine consists of chalk paint followed with a soft wax... clear or dark depending on the piece.
But I will use latex if a piece calls for it, and poly sealant in some cases.
 Most of the times I hand brush but sometimes I use a sprayer!
Distressing (if I distress) is done with faux finishing or sandpaper... sometimes both!

My point is not to limit yourself with furniture or anything else.  Don't put boundaries on your art.
Stay flexible and work with your piece... and always listen to the piece...and go with your instincts!