Friday, June 21, 2013

The Great Paint Debate

Can I be candid here?

This past week, my newsfeed has been consumed with the great C Paint debate.  Yep, I am now scared to say the "C" word.  I can't lose my social media outreach avenues for my small business.  That would be the end of Coastal Star as I know it.

Fortunately for me, half of my followers don't even know what C Paint is.  Or that there are small businesses, coming to a sudden halt because their social media was shut down by a larger similar company.

I am still a newcomer myself, and no I don't know the facts, but as I understand it Annie Sloan Chalk Paint company based in the UK has trademarked the words "Chalk Paint", and in doing so this term has been banned for use by other companies.  Following now?  The worst part... AS has shut down many small business' Facebook pages just this week, because they use this terminology to describe their products.  And for those not following the great C Paint debate, ASCP is one if not THE highest rated, most sought after paints and is probably (I don't have facts here just observations) the biggest C Paint company there is, period.

I have tried ASCP, I have tried Maison Blanche, CeCe Caldwell, Webster's... and I have made my own.  I use "chalk" paint, latex paint, acrylics and do not limit myself to a certain look or color.  I want the flexibility to do what I want and "go" with what I envision for the piece I am working on... This said, all the paints worked wonderfully, I love them all.  I love what I do.  I love this business I am building, and I love the people I have met so far on my journey.  I had an online conversation just yesterday that continued building my enthusiasm for my artistry.

What I don't like is the burst of negativity that was thrown into my sweet little furniture painting world.  The negativity that frankly seems to be seeded from greed.

Proverbs 28:25 

A greedy man stirs up dissension, but he who trusts in the LORD will prosper.

And the dissension has been stirred.  I am trusting that these victimized business owners get their pages back.  I hope they are trusting too.  I don't know what the best answer is, but know that I am praying for quick, fair resolution for all.

When we put our trust in HIM, this is when we don't fail.  

And we can ALL get back to doing what we love.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Now THIS is the Coastal Star Treatment!

I have a special love for people who see trash and think of me.  

I was riding home from dinner with my family... on my bicycle mind you... when I get the text.  Dresser in my mom's driveway... it's yours if you want it.  

This was one of those friends who you don't have to overthink the quality of their trash.  
Why yes, I do want it!  ( I truly have the bestest friends!)  

So I start pedaling in overdrive, racing home to get into the star-mobile 
so I can pick up my newest treasure. 
"My mom is waiting on you"
And so was this little beauty.  

She was so loved.  Still had toys inside to prove all the love she has had from her old family.  
 She got a good bath, some sanding, a couple of patches filled here and there...

Then I had to decide what was going to happen to her.  Do I replace the handles?  
 Stick with neutrals for a quick and easy sale?  

 I took her outside on a pretty day, with no plan, and we started with a white 
homemade chalk base paint...
Then I used Maison Blanche's Robin's Egg CP for the sky and Colette for the sea...
And used CeCe Caldwell's Myrtle Beach Sand CP for the sand.
I am not sponsored, I use whatever brands I like :)

Once I got my base and outlines finished I added in details with acrylics. 
 Frisco supervised, paying close attention.  
You would have thought I was eating a sandwich the way he was so focused on the job!

Then I coated the entire piece with CeCe Caldwell's Satin finish...this brought out a beautiful sheen, and should protect the finish so she can be truly loved again.  CeCe Caldwell has the perfect solution for waxing that eventually wears in high use areas... Make sure you try the Satin Finish, it is a paint on durable finish that truly works and helps to maintain the look of your finished piece.

And the end result...

Friday, June 7, 2013

Surf's Up!

We had just made a delivery of an upcycled day bed and my DC (Dear Client) offered me an older styled kitchen table.  DC is a very resourceful artist herself, and had wonderful ideas for the table, but when I saw it... all I could think was... SURFBOARD!  RIGHT?!  

So after some conversations with Mr Star, who is generally on board with anything surfboard related, he went to shaping his first maple kitchen table surfboard!  

Here is the beginning of it's rough shape, before sanding.

The board was then totally sanded down, tacked, and then we decided on the design for staining. 
 We both agreed to try to stay with the classic look, the one we both love.

Our grom even got in on it, you mention surfboard around here and you get everyone's attention.  The shaping duo attached twin fins vs a single...

Here is the board stained before the poly went on.  I ended up putting on three coats of poly,
 sanded and tacked between each coat.  
We then attached some iron legs I took off another project... and we have a one of a kind 5 foot classic surfboard coffee table!  What a great way to reinvent a kitchen table, wouldn't you say?

 This first one will stay home with me!

 It can also be used as a bench, as my grom demonstrates!

Hope you enjoyed this transformation!  Contact me to be put on the waiting list, each one will be different of course... we will also be making shelving etc with our new classic surfboard look!