Friday, June 14, 2013

Now THIS is the Coastal Star Treatment!

I have a special love for people who see trash and think of me.  

I was riding home from dinner with my family... on my bicycle mind you... when I get the text.  Dresser in my mom's driveway... it's yours if you want it.  

This was one of those friends who you don't have to overthink the quality of their trash.  
Why yes, I do want it!  ( I truly have the bestest friends!)  

So I start pedaling in overdrive, racing home to get into the star-mobile 
so I can pick up my newest treasure. 
"My mom is waiting on you"
And so was this little beauty.  

She was so loved.  Still had toys inside to prove all the love she has had from her old family.  
 She got a good bath, some sanding, a couple of patches filled here and there...

Then I had to decide what was going to happen to her.  Do I replace the handles?  
 Stick with neutrals for a quick and easy sale?  

 I took her outside on a pretty day, with no plan, and we started with a white 
homemade chalk base paint...
Then I used Maison Blanche's Robin's Egg CP for the sky and Colette for the sea...
And used CeCe Caldwell's Myrtle Beach Sand CP for the sand.
I am not sponsored, I use whatever brands I like :)

Once I got my base and outlines finished I added in details with acrylics. 
 Frisco supervised, paying close attention.  
You would have thought I was eating a sandwich the way he was so focused on the job!

Then I coated the entire piece with CeCe Caldwell's Satin finish...this brought out a beautiful sheen, and should protect the finish so she can be truly loved again.  CeCe Caldwell has the perfect solution for waxing that eventually wears in high use areas... Make sure you try the Satin Finish, it is a paint on durable finish that truly works and helps to maintain the look of your finished piece.

And the end result...