Monday, July 29, 2013

The Wedding Table

So my niece is getting married in September and asked me for a table to use at her beach wedding to hold the unity sand vases.  Nope I don't have one, but I can make you something :)

Of course what I started out with, is not what I finished with... I really wanted some legs with character, and I saw a head board and foot board out of the corner of my eye with matching bedposts!  So naturally, they became my table legs... the top, I created out of old fencing. 

For the true beachy chic feel, I whitewashed with Annie Sloan Chalk paint.
I love my beach country.

 And since her wedding theme is based on starfish, I had to add a special Coastal touch to the top.

The table represents marriage to me... we take a bit of our old selves, combine it with somebody else's old self and create something new and wonderful!  Even the "discarded" parts of ourselves become new and useful again when we have the right partner to help us bring it out!  The legs may not always be square and there are stripped screws, but marriage isn't always perfect either, right?
The secret is to always look for the beauty... and not the flaws. 
Whether you are looking at a table... or your spouse.  
Hopefully my niece's new, flawed table will remind her of just that. ;)