Friday, September 27, 2013

Paint Camp DAY 5

You still with me at camp?  Thanks for hanging around all week keeping me company! 
 I am just totally in awe at what has happened this week.   I took a leap of faith this week traveling by myself, to a place I had never been before, to study with someone I did not know.  Just further proof to me that there is a God, He is always with me, and trust and faith will see me through.  I jokingly, well... not jokingly if I am totally honest,  say that if my daughter met someone over facebook and then told me she was going to go spend the week with this person learning to paint
That is how people get KILLED!  

Not only were my expectations totally exceeded...more importantly...
 I found something I didn't know I had lost. 
 I found ME.  

Yes, I am homesick.  
I miss my peeps, I miss my dog (who does not have a car seat and has to walk on the ground, unlike Jersey dogs), my home, my friends and I am ready to get back to my Virginia Coast...
But guess what I get to bring home with me?
Education.  My own artwork.  Tons of the BEST PAINT EVER that I get to sell to my clients,
New friendships, new cultural experiences, the ability to navigate around a strange place by my self, the knowledge that I am no longer intimidated to go out to eat by myself, or eat on the Jersey shore boardwalk by myself, and my most treasured gift... my mentor/advisor/girl friend/soul sister Sherry.  Sherry is my Jersey Sister of the Sea and has changed my life. 
 I am actually in tears thinking about leaving her tomorrow.
What a crazy world, huh?
My extremely talented Italian classmates... who taught me more than just painting...

As far as paint camp... What did Training Brush bring us today? 
We started out with a shell study.  I have so much work to do but it was an advanced class and stretched me so much.  Here I am working on my practice shells...

Thanks to Sherry for grabbing my phone and taking pictures of me. What a surprise when I went through my pictures tonight to find these!  
Sherry working her magic.

 We then moved to Impressionist art and made this reflective painting that I am so in love with...
Window base coated

Learning wave shading

Loving my life right here.

My finished product. 

 Then Sherry taught me a fun wave.  This will be a mural in my bedroom.  I can't wait to start mural work at home.  I never thought I would like mural work, but I have been shown the light :)

And after class I had my dinner by the ocean again on the boardwalk, 
talking to Mr Star on the phone.  
At home we are going to have to start eating dinner by the water, 
that is a habit I do NOT want to break.
Tomorrow we have a few hours of class and final certs and then I begin my journey back to VA. 
 I will miss my sister Sherry,  and will have a new fondness in my heart when I get the next 630 am text from her saying simply...  Kim call me. 

I will be back, Belmar... that's a promise!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Paint Camp DAY 4 - It's a Dog's Life

My new workshirt :)
 What. A. Day.  Day 4- Today was the first day of Paintin Place Decorative Studio's  Training Brush program.  If you are tempted to attend any of Sherry Waldman's classes... RUN- DON'T WALK  to Paintin Place.  This woman is just a wealth of information, good solid advice and very interactive classes.  Somehow, she shares skills to different levels of artists at the same time... all the while sharing her information on building a business, and encouraging her students to interact and share.  There is always something going on in these classes... NO down time.  For me that is so important.  No one in my situation wants to shut her life down for a week and not put the time to good use.  Well, there are no worries about that here! 

We started off the morning with PenDezign technique.  Now... seriously... painting on clothes... can you get more 80's than that?  I was skeptical at first... until I did it.  It's all in the design people... all in the design.  PenDezign is so F-U-N.  As soon as I get my class lists developed...PenDezign is going on it. 

After journaling and our PenDezign class... it was time for an early lunch.. yes, I am just posting these pictures to make you jealous.  This is lunch... Belmar Style.

My lunch view today.  

 Our Refunk Your Junk class was next, Yes this is the workshop I am offering at Chaffin Interiors!  
Here is my design for the day.  DO YOU LOVE THESE COLORS OR WHAT!!!  This is my new paint line I am carrying Coastal Colors Beach Chic Paint.  These colors are AHA, Nantucket, Summer's Fog, and an unnamed blue color because it was just developed.  Name TBA soon!  
And yes I have quarts of this beauty coming home with me!  So excited!

 We finished out the day with more One stroke, here is one of the products of that. 
 I love these happy little guys.  (And I can teach you how to do these now!)


And the New Jersey culture lesson for the day?  It's about Jersey women.  It may take a moment for them to warm up to ya, but once they do, I feel as though I have friends for life. My classmates have all been so pleasant and fun to be around and have this wonderful experience with... and I have also learned that there is no better life than to be a Jersey dog.  These little guys are EVERYWHERE.  ALWAYS WATCH WHERE YOU STEP on the Jersey store!  For the few that are actually allowed on the ground... they tend to like to stand right where you are walking... 
 Oh... to have a dog's life... or a JERSEY DOG'S life!

Never fear Bam Bam, we won't let that horrible sun get on you.
Bam Bam getting ready to lead our One Stroke session.

My classmates dog's came to visit her at class... please note their colorful harnesses and car seats.

My very talented classmate with her little darling!  Can you see the ponytail?

 Tomorrow is the last full day here in Belmar.  We have a full day on the docket and I still can't wait to get to it.  I have painted since Monday afternoon and tonight sitting in my room all I could think was how I wish I could be painting.  Unleash your passion friends, it feels good.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Paint Camp DAY 3

Day 3- Test Day for One Stroke Cert... ok, I know you are all on the edge of your seat... I PASSED!!!  Hooray!!!! I am now certified to teach One Stroke classes?  Remember Donna Dewberry from tv?  The woman who can paint flowers.. in yes... ONE STROKE?  I can now teach you how!!! 
 I am so excited to use my new skills with coastal and beach decorative items!

My classmate JO JO, who is an amazing painter!!!

Me with Camp Director (or shop/studio owner/mentor/friend/amazing artist) Sherry!

 As promised, as soon as certs were done, Sherry let me paint some Coastal scenes.  
So good for the soul after all those flowers :)

By the way, I LOVE THIS MERMAID!  Coastal friends, you WILL see her again!

Later in the afternoon, Sherry and I headed over to Paintin Place Retail store where we finalized my paint order.  Get your paint brushes ready... Coastal Colors paint are just amazing - I can't wait to share these in my Refunk Your Junk classes and I will be selling these as well!  
Paintin Place Decorative Studio

I celebrated afterwards with an hour and a half sunset walk on the Jersey Shore boardwalk

My view while eating my very authentic Philly cheese steak dinner!

There is no better way to end an evening than at the seashore.  
I am so excited to see what tomorrow brings.  
So blessed so blessed, so blessed.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Paint Camp DAY 2

Inspiration... Education... Friendship...
Lessons of the Day here at Paintin Place Decorative Studio. 
Paint Camp Director Sherry is quite the mentor, teacher, leader... I am just overwhelmed 
by where I am, what I am doing, and what I am capable of.

 My work station for the day...

 My first drafts for OS certification. 

Yes, to all of you who know me well, I managed to paint flowers.  
Definitely not on my favorite things to paint, but necessary for certification.  
Sherry has promised me that the end of camp will bring me the good stuff!


 Falling into bed now, dreaming of wiggles, scrubbing floors and 
thicket and white leaves with a touch of light yellow. 
 But I will leave you with a thought to ponder...
 Sherry's thoughts on art...and life... remember life is way more than just getting through it.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Paint Camp - DAY 1

I consider only two wrong turns a great success!  And I am ever so grateful for smartphones and that voice that comes out of them that say "um, you are going the wrong direction and you need to turn around."  Ok, so maybe that wasn't a direct quote but it went something like that.

I roll into the Paintin Place Design Studio and my Paint Camp Director Sherry is waiting for me outside.  She has called me several times during my trip to make sure I am ok (way above and beyond your average Camp director duties).  She takes me inside her Design Studio and it is like coming home again.  WOW.  I didn't take any photos - I will take some tomorrow- because I was just in awe.  This is most certainly my soul sister. 

Then we head on over to the Paintin' Place Store... 
again no pictures because my gawking totally took my senses.    I have found my place. 
 This is where inspiration happens.  

We go back to the studio and get right to painting.  Yep.  After my 7 hour drive and quick tours... 
we paint.  And I learned so much in that 2 hours... just enough to make me hungry for more.  
But that is what happens when we unleash our passion, isn't it?

When it is time to pack it in... Sherry takes me to my home for the week.  The 5 star Inn in Belmar, Morning Dove Inn.  Can you say WOW again?  Owner Kim (name of greatness) and her two sons reside here in the ridiculously beautiful Inn just a block from the ocean.  
Is there possibly a better color for the Inn I am staying at 
 (or anything?)

After a quick chicken sandwich dinner  on the porch I take a walk on the Jersey Shore boardwalk... Isn't this a beautiful place?
 My room for the week... this room and the entire Inn is painted and decorated by Sherry Waldman (yes, my camp director)

So off to bed it is for me.  Gotta get well rested to begin learning from Sherry and her Paintin Place Studio.  I also have to get my homework done... can't be behind on my first day!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Staying authentic

 Even when you are rebuilding, 
when you are using vintage materials it is nice to stay as authentic as possible.
One of these things, doesn't belong here

That's why I go through the trouble of pulling nails out of old wood... is it tedious?  Yep.  But when I have a finished rebuilt piece, the authenticity of the vintage look will be there.  To me, this is the difference between arts and crafts and artistry and craftsmanship.  It's all in the details.  
Excuse me while I go pull out some more nails for my project!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Decorating

Bringing together my love of autumn and my love of the sea.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Love is Patient, Love is Kind

Many of you may remember my niece's impending wedding from The Wedding Table post.  
 Here is another project from the wedding...
By Beach Road indicating the correct parking area

 The guests were parking in the public access parking lot and climbing the stairway to the beach.  No one wants to climb the "wrong" dune looking for a wedding so we decided to mark the path with some signage.

 A nice little reminder of why we were here to begin with, and the bride got to read it as she descended to the beach as well...

And when the honeymoon is over and they settle into their lives together, they will have this wall hanging to remind them of their special day... and to remind them what it's all about.

 Something tells me, they have the "love" part down pretty good...