Monday, September 23, 2013

Paint Camp - DAY 1

I consider only two wrong turns a great success!  And I am ever so grateful for smartphones and that voice that comes out of them that say "um, you are going the wrong direction and you need to turn around."  Ok, so maybe that wasn't a direct quote but it went something like that.

I roll into the Paintin Place Design Studio and my Paint Camp Director Sherry is waiting for me outside.  She has called me several times during my trip to make sure I am ok (way above and beyond your average Camp director duties).  She takes me inside her Design Studio and it is like coming home again.  WOW.  I didn't take any photos - I will take some tomorrow- because I was just in awe.  This is most certainly my soul sister. 

Then we head on over to the Paintin' Place Store... 
again no pictures because my gawking totally took my senses.    I have found my place. 
 This is where inspiration happens.  

We go back to the studio and get right to painting.  Yep.  After my 7 hour drive and quick tours... 
we paint.  And I learned so much in that 2 hours... just enough to make me hungry for more.  
But that is what happens when we unleash our passion, isn't it?

When it is time to pack it in... Sherry takes me to my home for the week.  The 5 star Inn in Belmar, Morning Dove Inn.  Can you say WOW again?  Owner Kim (name of greatness) and her two sons reside here in the ridiculously beautiful Inn just a block from the ocean.  
Is there possibly a better color for the Inn I am staying at 
 (or anything?)

After a quick chicken sandwich dinner  on the porch I take a walk on the Jersey Shore boardwalk... Isn't this a beautiful place?
 My room for the week... this room and the entire Inn is painted and decorated by Sherry Waldman (yes, my camp director)

So off to bed it is for me.  Gotta get well rested to begin learning from Sherry and her Paintin Place Studio.  I also have to get my homework done... can't be behind on my first day!