Thursday, September 26, 2013

Paint Camp DAY 4 - It's a Dog's Life

My new workshirt :)
 What. A. Day.  Day 4- Today was the first day of Paintin Place Decorative Studio's  Training Brush program.  If you are tempted to attend any of Sherry Waldman's classes... RUN- DON'T WALK  to Paintin Place.  This woman is just a wealth of information, good solid advice and very interactive classes.  Somehow, she shares skills to different levels of artists at the same time... all the while sharing her information on building a business, and encouraging her students to interact and share.  There is always something going on in these classes... NO down time.  For me that is so important.  No one in my situation wants to shut her life down for a week and not put the time to good use.  Well, there are no worries about that here! 

We started off the morning with PenDezign technique.  Now... seriously... painting on clothes... can you get more 80's than that?  I was skeptical at first... until I did it.  It's all in the design people... all in the design.  PenDezign is so F-U-N.  As soon as I get my class lists developed...PenDezign is going on it. 

After journaling and our PenDezign class... it was time for an early lunch.. yes, I am just posting these pictures to make you jealous.  This is lunch... Belmar Style.

My lunch view today.  

 Our Refunk Your Junk class was next, Yes this is the workshop I am offering at Chaffin Interiors!  
Here is my design for the day.  DO YOU LOVE THESE COLORS OR WHAT!!!  This is my new paint line I am carrying Coastal Colors Beach Chic Paint.  These colors are AHA, Nantucket, Summer's Fog, and an unnamed blue color because it was just developed.  Name TBA soon!  
And yes I have quarts of this beauty coming home with me!  So excited!

 We finished out the day with more One stroke, here is one of the products of that. 
 I love these happy little guys.  (And I can teach you how to do these now!)


And the New Jersey culture lesson for the day?  It's about Jersey women.  It may take a moment for them to warm up to ya, but once they do, I feel as though I have friends for life. My classmates have all been so pleasant and fun to be around and have this wonderful experience with... and I have also learned that there is no better life than to be a Jersey dog.  These little guys are EVERYWHERE.  ALWAYS WATCH WHERE YOU STEP on the Jersey store!  For the few that are actually allowed on the ground... they tend to like to stand right where you are walking... 
 Oh... to have a dog's life... or a JERSEY DOG'S life!

Never fear Bam Bam, we won't let that horrible sun get on you.
Bam Bam getting ready to lead our One Stroke session.

My classmates dog's came to visit her at class... please note their colorful harnesses and car seats.

My very talented classmate with her little darling!  Can you see the ponytail?

 Tomorrow is the last full day here in Belmar.  We have a full day on the docket and I still can't wait to get to it.  I have painted since Monday afternoon and tonight sitting in my room all I could think was how I wish I could be painting.  Unleash your passion friends, it feels good.