Friday, September 27, 2013

Paint Camp DAY 5

You still with me at camp?  Thanks for hanging around all week keeping me company! 
 I am just totally in awe at what has happened this week.   I took a leap of faith this week traveling by myself, to a place I had never been before, to study with someone I did not know.  Just further proof to me that there is a God, He is always with me, and trust and faith will see me through.  I jokingly, well... not jokingly if I am totally honest,  say that if my daughter met someone over facebook and then told me she was going to go spend the week with this person learning to paint
That is how people get KILLED!  

Not only were my expectations totally exceeded...more importantly...
 I found something I didn't know I had lost. 
 I found ME.  

Yes, I am homesick.  
I miss my peeps, I miss my dog (who does not have a car seat and has to walk on the ground, unlike Jersey dogs), my home, my friends and I am ready to get back to my Virginia Coast...
But guess what I get to bring home with me?
Education.  My own artwork.  Tons of the BEST PAINT EVER that I get to sell to my clients,
New friendships, new cultural experiences, the ability to navigate around a strange place by my self, the knowledge that I am no longer intimidated to go out to eat by myself, or eat on the Jersey shore boardwalk by myself, and my most treasured gift... my mentor/advisor/girl friend/soul sister Sherry.  Sherry is my Jersey Sister of the Sea and has changed my life. 
 I am actually in tears thinking about leaving her tomorrow.
What a crazy world, huh?
My extremely talented Italian classmates... who taught me more than just painting...

As far as paint camp... What did Training Brush bring us today? 
We started out with a shell study.  I have so much work to do but it was an advanced class and stretched me so much.  Here I am working on my practice shells...

Thanks to Sherry for grabbing my phone and taking pictures of me. What a surprise when I went through my pictures tonight to find these!  
Sherry working her magic.

 We then moved to Impressionist art and made this reflective painting that I am so in love with...
Window base coated

Learning wave shading

Loving my life right here.

My finished product. 

 Then Sherry taught me a fun wave.  This will be a mural in my bedroom.  I can't wait to start mural work at home.  I never thought I would like mural work, but I have been shown the light :)

And after class I had my dinner by the ocean again on the boardwalk, 
talking to Mr Star on the phone.  
At home we are going to have to start eating dinner by the water, 
that is a habit I do NOT want to break.
Tomorrow we have a few hours of class and final certs and then I begin my journey back to VA. 
 I will miss my sister Sherry,  and will have a new fondness in my heart when I get the next 630 am text from her saying simply...  Kim call me. 

I will be back, Belmar... that's a promise!