Saturday, October 26, 2013

Buy Local, now I get it.

Ok, I get it now.  Buy local.  Buy American.  Support the small business.  Really.  And I really, really get it.  Since I have started my own small business... and have been interacting with other small businesses... I sincerely don't think I will buy from anywhere but local if I can help it.  I remember my first lesson in this... Mr Star and I had just purchased a house and the kitchen was still 1950's.  And not a cute vintagey 1950... a rusted holey metal cabinet with horribly fitting doors and not enough of them!  We go to Home Depot and Lowe's and get estimates on new cabinets... and then we visit a local Specialty kitchen designer/ cabinet maker....We get an estimate and the number comes under our big box estimates!  AND... we have better quality and a much more personal design!

We learned our lesson again here recently with some surfboard purchases.  We were due for some new boards... and Mr. Star purchased a firewire.  Against my advice mind you, but it is new technology and he wanted to try it... We had always purchased our boards from Tim Nolte, a local shaper in OBX (except for the board we traded a 6 pack for... everybody has one of those boards!).  Well, Mr Star wanted to love his new firewire but just couldn't.  So he sold it and went back to Nolte and had two boards shaped for him.

Nolte boards can't be beat. 

And yes, you guessed it, paid less than at a fancy surf shop...AND got the boards shaped for Mr. Star's body shape and riding style...AND got to pick the design. 

AND in the process got to support a local artist and economy. The absolutely best part of having a board shaped locally??? The ultra cool feeling you get by being able to walk through the shop where it was born.  Nolte's shop is the real deal, I tell my kids each time we go in... "Now THIS is a real surf shop!"
By the way, I must shamelessly now plug Tim Nolte surfboards located in OBX.  Top quality.  Always.  We have a family of his boards and we now refuse to buy any other.  Why fix what isn't broken?

This Holiday season... as you may be making more purchases, keep local artists and businesses in mind.  You are directly supporting our culture and local economy, and everyone wins.

Back to painting some furniture now...