Friday, October 18, 2013

Show Time!

Getting set up and ready for the Poquoson Seafood Festival yesterday and today.  We open at 5 today for a long glorious weekend!  So much work, but so much gratification when I see all the pieces pulled together and see how well they are showing.  We took a trailor and 3 car loads yesterday, and I am taking one more Star mobile load today... and yes, I still have pieces in my house!  As the house was emptying yesterday it felt so wonderful, until I saw the dirt that had been hiding under everything.  This morning was sweeping, mopping and vaccuuming time! 
If you see me at the Festival, make sure you tell me you follow my blog... there will be an advantage to that especially if you follow me on Facebook!  *wink *wink
I will post more pictures later, but here are some set up shots I thought I would share!
Waiting for adoption.

One of my absolutely favorite knobs!

How in the world will I stage all of this?

Anybody think Mr Star and Pops in Law would rather be doing something else?

Frisco the quality supervisor directs from inside.  He doesn't miss a trick.

Summer nite and Summer's fog has quickly become one of my favorite combos.
My Pops In Law is a beast. 

Yes the checkerboard table comes with shells and seaglass to play against each other.

Loading dock.  And yes I did have two neighbors in lawn chairs watching the show. 

Don't forget my Paint giveaway!  A purchase or Refunk Your Junk Class reservation gets you 5 ballots!  One ballot just for stopping by my booth and making me look popular!

My new mermaid will just have to wait for the next show for her debut.  Hope you stay tuned!