Sunday, November 10, 2013

DIY Tutorial for Scrap Wood Christmas Tree

Scrap wood has taken over my yard.  Not just in a "Oh, Look, here are some scraps we can use"  type of way but in a "OH MY STARS WHERE IS YOUR GRASS?!" type of way... so here is a solution to use up some of this odd shaped wood pieces that were scattered EVERYWHERE!  
Let's make Christmas Trees!  
First I sorted the wood scraps into sizes
Then I took one of the longer scraps for my tree base and then lined up wood on top of it according to size

 Nail them in - using two nails for each board to keep them level.

 Although I love the look of the natural wood, for these I decided to paint them white.

 A couple of them I decided to add some text.

 I added lights to one of the larger trees.  This picture doesn't do it justice, it was gorgeous in my house! 
 Of course there is a obligatory dog ear in one of these pictures.  Frisco loves the camera.
You can paint these anyway you like, add decorations, or leave scrappy.  The sky is the limit. 
 It is a great solution for small spaces where you might like a tree as well!
Other options...