Monday, December 30, 2013

Odyssey of the Kitchen Tile - Day 5 Laying of the Tile

Exactly as I thought my Star-in-law arrived this morning before I could even get through my 
beauty routine (my beauty routine = brush teeth/wash face).  
And we got to the fun part of laying tile...which is... 
laying tile....
 First we chalk lined the center of the room.  We used 16x16 squares... in alternating diagonal pattern.  We started the tiles in the center and worked toward a corner.  It just so happened that 16 x 16 is not the same with different manufacturers.  The sand tile ended up being slightly smaller than the bone tile, so adjustments had to be made.  Being the most judgemental out of the three, I soon became the tile layer.  If I messed it up I had no one to blame but myself and that is how my men liked it! 
 Mr. Star took on the measuring and marking role. 

First cut a success!
 And my Star-in-Law become the mighty cutter of the tile. 
 He did bring the tile cutter so he easily fell in to that role.

And I became the tile layer and spacer.  

 We used the board and mallet to help level each tile.  Yes, I did that to every one!

Halfway there!

We learned a lot as we went...  "mortar management" and so on... 
Here are some things to know about what we did...
*The large squares really do open up the room - which is a fairly small 1955 kitchen.  
*The alternating colors add a lot of visual interest, but being just slightly contrasting colors they add visual interest without being distracting.  However... in making the cuts we always had to stop and "think" which color tile was next.
*A diagonal pattern is very cut heavy and if you are looking to do a quick tile job stay away from it. 
Personally I am thrilled with it and it was worth the extra time.  
But all of the cuts made this relatively small job a 3 person 8 hour job.  
*If you do not want your nails and fingers to have a slight gray tinge after the job, wear work gloves.  I don't care, know it will eventually go away and I hate wearing gloves.  But If I had somewhere formal to go in the next couple of days I would have worn them.

So that's it for today!  Tomorrow... we GROUT!  Getting closer!  But you know me by now, all I can think about is cleaning the cabinets, cleaning the appliances, replacing outlet covers, painting the bathroom...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Odyssey of the Kitchen Tile - Day 4, really, just day 4 and not a month later?

Day 4... I feel like we have been fixing our floor for months!  Today... today we got even closer.  Started out the morning repairing the subfloor.  We had rot in the subfloor under the refrigerator, so a couple of cuts with a circular saw and it was gone.  Several measurements and one 11/16 piece of plywood later we had a repaired subfloor and we were ready for the next step.
See where we cut the plywood subfloor?

Repairs have to meet browndog inspection codes.

First piece in!

Browndog advising on the next few cuts.
 Then we were getting antsy to see how the tile was going to look... so we threw down some chalk lines and laid down our tile roughly to get a little look see.  With all the work we had been doing we needed some pretty encouragement.
Chalk line enforcement.
So close we can taste it, right?  Nope.
So Mr Star decided to work on some odds and ends and I drove to my Star-in-laws house to borrow his tile cutter.  Guess who asked 5 times if we needed some help?  No kidding he beat me back to my own house!  But we are so glad he did.  My Star-in-law has loads of home rehab experience that we would be foolish to turn down his help!
Next step is the backerboard...which is recommended by The Tile Council of North America.  With the plywood on top of the subfloor we probably would have been ok... I mean the 50 year old tile that was on it before did pretty well with the Nasa developed mortar - read more about that on Day 2 of Odyssey of the Kitchen Tile.  But this was not an area that we wanted to cut corners on. I pinch my pennies but I like to do things the right way.  First we laid down the big pieces and then puzzled in the rest.

 We had a little telephone line issue and needed to move the line... this is when a short little grom in the house comes in handy.  Armed with headlamp and spider web stick we sent him under the house to pull wire.

Browndog also had to run inspections.
After the backer board was cut and puzzled out... we pulled it back up and gave the subfloor a good cleaning.  Don't forget to label your pieces so you know where to put them back!

And I added a new note for this floor  :)

We puzzled back the backerboard and screwed it down... please note that there are special screws for this (sold right next to the backerboard at Home Depot)  On the backerboard there are designated places to screw them down.  Do not skip any of these screws! 
Just a special note - I have discovered a new tool today... similar to a dremel... we used it to cut baseboard to fit our new flooring heighth... It's is a Multifunction Power Tool.

The uses for this are endless and I highly recommend it!
So we are ending the day early (for us) because we are pooped.  Tomorrow should be very exciting as we hope to be cutting and laying our tile!  Hope you check back in!

Things I learned in 2013 and why 2014 IS GONNA ROCK!

2013 is coming to a close and it is time to look back on what I have learned this year!  Good golly the list is long... and not all of it is noteworthy... but thought I would share some of the things that might help you as it has me.

 1.  CELEBRATE THE GOOD STUFF!  In 2013 I lost 80 lbs.  I have started a new business.  I have started a blog that I love.  I have made so many new friends this year! Celebrate your accomplishments.  NOW.  Do not put it off... don't wait until the next step.  Celebrate every victory.  Every little one, every big one.

2.  It's ok to not know everything.  Have you ever spent time with someone that knows everything?  Or thinks they do?  Or they may not know everything but their way of doing something is always the best? Fun, isn't it?  (shake head no here) Here is a secret... there are a million ways to do everything the right way.  I'm not kidding.  And while a certain way may be your preferred method... it is ok if someone does it differently.  It really is.

3.  Forgive and forget.  Still working on this one.  Had a recent situation where I had to be the "mature" one and make some tough decisions, and I mean really tough decisions (I am sorry to those who know me well and spit out your coffee when you read mature being related to me)  Sure, I have bitterness, but being right is not as important as being gracious.   And I was for sure the right one here... but still... THIS IS A TOUGH LESSON.  And I have to constantly check my attitude... but I am doing it.   

“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn't leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I'd still be in prison.”- Nelson Mandela. 

 Get it?  If you leave a bad situation... but never let it go... it lives in you.  Don't remain a slave to the negativity.

4. Be yourself.  Losing the weight, AND gaining confidence... have enabled me to do what I have always done... I just don't worry about what others think any longer.  THIS IS LIBERATING AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!  I never fit into a mold.  I am a Christian with many liberal views.  I am a female and love power tools and getting dirty.  I love the beach, surfing and everything related to it.  I absolutely love sports, baseball has been my lifelong love. I love to be goofy and have a tendency to never take things too seriously... and kinda make fun of people who do (this is bad don't do this)  I love John Denver, Metallica, Johnny Cash, Eminem, bluegrass, U2... Yeah, nothing makes sense here... but who cares?  Seriously if someone admonishes you for being who you are... lose them.

5. Never suppress your creativity.  We are given creative gifts and suppressing them turns to negativity in our personalities.  I was in this situation... and my new business gave me the perfect outlet to release my creativity.  Find what yours is and release it. And if your creativity is not appreciated where you are...find a new place to be.  Ain't nobody got time for that!

My dear friend and I have a saying... the last month of the year we constantly tell each other "2014 IS GONNA ROCK"  (or whatever the next year is going to be)  Tell yourself that.  Write down your dreams and tell your friends.  Then do it.  Just do it.  See it, feel it, own it, do it.  And make sure you tell me all about it.  I love to hear about people's stories.  Just don't wait until tomorrow to live your life.  Today is here and ready for you.  Happy New Year to all you wonderful people who have journeyed with me this year and hold on to your hats... next year Kim and Coastal Star are moving forward and will be creating and I TRULY HOPE you continue to grow with me.  Cuz I am here to tell you

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Odyssey of the Kitchen Tile-Day 3 with painting tip!

Mr Star went surfing today so it was a perfect day to get my paint on.  A quick trip to Sherwin Williams for Tantalizing Teal and Extra White in Superpaint satin... and I am ready to go. 
 I finish the prepwork...
And I get started on the ceiling right away... and of course, as my entire house is tore up... 
I go upstairs and repaint the bathroom ceiling as well.
  Hey, I don't have to clean the roller and supplies twice! 
After ceiling and trim work get complete I get to the exciting part!  Tantalizing teal! 

This color makes me smile!  Just like being on the inside of a wave - one of my favorite places!
So nothing too exciting today but I do have a painting tip!
 Always use an artist brush when you are putting two contrasting colors sided by side.  
I know I may be a little peculiar... 
but this small brush along the top of your walls
 really cleans up the line between wall and ceiling.

Painting is done on Day 3 and Day 4 we are back to the floor!  I promise!

Odyssey of the Kitchen Tile- Day 2

We started the day with a Home Depot trip for the supplies we were going to need.  It was a two cart event.  100 sq feet of tiles, mortar, grout, sealer, backer board, screws, and miscellaneous things...

Then we came home and got straight to work.  I wish I had more advice on how to take of the flooring.  You can spend big money and rent equipment. 
We could have removed and replaced the subfloor altogether...
but don't forget this is me... I am a penny pincher...

So we chiseled.
we scraped.
 I learned a lot about using a chisel.  Always look where you are hammering the chisel.  Not where you are chiseling.  My thumb is still mad at me.  But apparently I swing a mean hammer!
We used child labor.
We prayed.
We even used brown dog goop.
And then it was gone.  
So as anyone else would do to celebrate... we decided since the floor was gone, the fridge and stove were in the dining room... It would be silly to miss this opportunity to paint.  
The lighthouse border HAS TO GO
So down came the border and off came the pictures and tinsel and bows. 

And then we were done with day 2.  Whew.

Odyssey of the Kitchen Tile - Day 1

IS IT TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO JUST DO ONE HOME PROJECT OR IS IT JUST ME!???  Wait, I may not really want an answer to that as Mr Star does read the blog and if he sees a bunch of comments that says it is just me I am in for it.

So here is where we begin.... 13 year old peel and stick.  I know, I know... but we totally remodeled the kitchen when we first moved in... the metal cabinets that were there had to have been original to the house... however they weren't the cute vintage metal cabinets... they... well... they just weren't.  So all the money went into cabinetry.  Thus, the peel and stick that did us well for 10 years and then started to peel up and grab and puncture our poor bare feet.
So Mr. Star gave me the nod to start demolition on Christmas Eve, and I started peeling this horrible mess right away.  My mother who was leaving Christmas Day begged me to wait until she left so I sat on the project for two days.  You guys know how hard that was, right?
Dec 26 we started again.  Turns out we had THREE LAYERS of goodness to take up off the floor.  The peel and stick, BRICK LINOLEUM (which is what we covered up when we got here) and then ceramic tile that was laid with the strongest mortar known to mankind.  The people that lived here obviously had NASA develop this stuff. 


THE bottom layer of tile that held on like a dog to a bone.

One of my chisels

obligatory project picture with brown dog

All of my tools.
And Day 1 ended with our discovery of our own family time capsule... we had each signed the ugly linoleum we covered Dec 28 2000.  Apparently I have a thing for flooring at Christmastime. 

 Of course there are just 3 signatures... Grayson was not here yet!   And note Laurel had written  " I love my family"  How timely for me to read from my now 20 year old who can't stand to be near us!  ;)

Day 1 was over and we shut out the lights.

A Friend's Memorial...

I feel the need to use my forum here to honor my dear friend of 40 years.  She passed away suddenly and unexpectedly the week prior to Christmas, and boy do I miss her.  The blessing in this are all the memories that have come rushing forward in the past week... Memories that just become overwhelming.  My friend was the most extroverted gregarious person I have ever known.  She knew no strangers and genuinely loved everyone she met. 
     One of my first memories was night swimming in her backyard pool.  Sometimes it was many of us, but mostly just the two of us.  We spent hours racing, diving, playing pool baseball (always my idea) and sometimes just floating and telling each other our secrets and dreams.  And afterwards we would go into the house for a movie and Leora's famous tuna fish sandwiches.  What made them famous?  Next time you make a tuna fish sandwich sprinkle a little sugar on top of the tuna before you close your sandwich.  You're welcome. 
     I remember in high school coming home and going straight to one of our rooms to talk for hours.  She would talk for hours about her fashion merchandising class that she absolutely adored.  She must have ignored my eyes glazing over... but I did learn a lot about fashion designers that I still don't care anything about :)  And I would talk about baseball.  And yes, I did ignore her eyes glazing over.
     She was half of the first interracial couple that I knew (up close and personal) and caused quite a stir in high school.  This WAS the 80's by the way and although his parents strongly disapproved, my friend ALWAYS SHOWED GRACE and compassion when addressing their disapproval of her.  I learned so much from her about how to handle controversy... and am still amazed at her maturity at such a young age. 
     And college...we were out of control with the good times... and she saw me and helped me through my first love and then onto my permanent love.  And she faded into the background as we started our lives with our own families but... I always knew she was there for me.  We connected periodically and caught up on each other's lives and it was as though we had talked every day.  We were both fiercely loyal to each other... and I imagine we always will be. 
     I am a better person because I knew her, and many others are as well.  Her enthusiasm for life made her so exciting to be around... and I only hope to carry on her legacy.  Thanks for indulging my little tribute to my friend... I think I will go have a tuna fish sandwich...