Saturday, December 28, 2013

Odyssey of the Kitchen Tile - Day 1

IS IT TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO JUST DO ONE HOME PROJECT OR IS IT JUST ME!???  Wait, I may not really want an answer to that as Mr Star does read the blog and if he sees a bunch of comments that says it is just me I am in for it.

So here is where we begin.... 13 year old peel and stick.  I know, I know... but we totally remodeled the kitchen when we first moved in... the metal cabinets that were there had to have been original to the house... however they weren't the cute vintage metal cabinets... they... well... they just weren't.  So all the money went into cabinetry.  Thus, the peel and stick that did us well for 10 years and then started to peel up and grab and puncture our poor bare feet.
So Mr. Star gave me the nod to start demolition on Christmas Eve, and I started peeling this horrible mess right away.  My mother who was leaving Christmas Day begged me to wait until she left so I sat on the project for two days.  You guys know how hard that was, right?
Dec 26 we started again.  Turns out we had THREE LAYERS of goodness to take up off the floor.  The peel and stick, BRICK LINOLEUM (which is what we covered up when we got here) and then ceramic tile that was laid with the strongest mortar known to mankind.  The people that lived here obviously had NASA develop this stuff. 


THE bottom layer of tile that held on like a dog to a bone.

One of my chisels

obligatory project picture with brown dog

All of my tools.
And Day 1 ended with our discovery of our own family time capsule... we had each signed the ugly linoleum we covered Dec 28 2000.  Apparently I have a thing for flooring at Christmastime. 

 Of course there are just 3 signatures... Grayson was not here yet!   And note Laurel had written  " I love my family"  How timely for me to read from my now 20 year old who can't stand to be near us!  ;)

Day 1 was over and we shut out the lights.