Saturday, December 28, 2013

Odyssey of the Kitchen Tile- Day 2

We started the day with a Home Depot trip for the supplies we were going to need.  It was a two cart event.  100 sq feet of tiles, mortar, grout, sealer, backer board, screws, and miscellaneous things...

Then we came home and got straight to work.  I wish I had more advice on how to take of the flooring.  You can spend big money and rent equipment. 
We could have removed and replaced the subfloor altogether...
but don't forget this is me... I am a penny pincher...

So we chiseled.
we scraped.
 I learned a lot about using a chisel.  Always look where you are hammering the chisel.  Not where you are chiseling.  My thumb is still mad at me.  But apparently I swing a mean hammer!
We used child labor.
We prayed.
We even used brown dog goop.
And then it was gone.  
So as anyone else would do to celebrate... we decided since the floor was gone, the fridge and stove were in the dining room... It would be silly to miss this opportunity to paint.  
The lighthouse border HAS TO GO
So down came the border and off came the pictures and tinsel and bows. 

And then we were done with day 2.  Whew.