Saturday, December 28, 2013

Odyssey of the Kitchen Tile-Day 3 with painting tip!

Mr Star went surfing today so it was a perfect day to get my paint on.  A quick trip to Sherwin Williams for Tantalizing Teal and Extra White in Superpaint satin... and I am ready to go. 
 I finish the prepwork...
And I get started on the ceiling right away... and of course, as my entire house is tore up... 
I go upstairs and repaint the bathroom ceiling as well.
  Hey, I don't have to clean the roller and supplies twice! 
After ceiling and trim work get complete I get to the exciting part!  Tantalizing teal! 

This color makes me smile!  Just like being on the inside of a wave - one of my favorite places!
So nothing too exciting today but I do have a painting tip!
 Always use an artist brush when you are putting two contrasting colors sided by side.  
I know I may be a little peculiar... 
but this small brush along the top of your walls
 really cleans up the line between wall and ceiling.

Painting is done on Day 3 and Day 4 we are back to the floor!  I promise!