Sunday, December 29, 2013

Odyssey of the Kitchen Tile - Day 4, really, just day 4 and not a month later?

Day 4... I feel like we have been fixing our floor for months!  Today... today we got even closer.  Started out the morning repairing the subfloor.  We had rot in the subfloor under the refrigerator, so a couple of cuts with a circular saw and it was gone.  Several measurements and one 11/16 piece of plywood later we had a repaired subfloor and we were ready for the next step.
See where we cut the plywood subfloor?

Repairs have to meet browndog inspection codes.

First piece in!

Browndog advising on the next few cuts.
 Then we were getting antsy to see how the tile was going to look... so we threw down some chalk lines and laid down our tile roughly to get a little look see.  With all the work we had been doing we needed some pretty encouragement.
Chalk line enforcement.
So close we can taste it, right?  Nope.
So Mr Star decided to work on some odds and ends and I drove to my Star-in-laws house to borrow his tile cutter.  Guess who asked 5 times if we needed some help?  No kidding he beat me back to my own house!  But we are so glad he did.  My Star-in-law has loads of home rehab experience that we would be foolish to turn down his help!
Next step is the backerboard...which is recommended by The Tile Council of North America.  With the plywood on top of the subfloor we probably would have been ok... I mean the 50 year old tile that was on it before did pretty well with the Nasa developed mortar - read more about that on Day 2 of Odyssey of the Kitchen Tile.  But this was not an area that we wanted to cut corners on. I pinch my pennies but I like to do things the right way.  First we laid down the big pieces and then puzzled in the rest.

 We had a little telephone line issue and needed to move the line... this is when a short little grom in the house comes in handy.  Armed with headlamp and spider web stick we sent him under the house to pull wire.

Browndog also had to run inspections.
After the backer board was cut and puzzled out... we pulled it back up and gave the subfloor a good cleaning.  Don't forget to label your pieces so you know where to put them back!

And I added a new note for this floor  :)

We puzzled back the backerboard and screwed it down... please note that there are special screws for this (sold right next to the backerboard at Home Depot)  On the backerboard there are designated places to screw them down.  Do not skip any of these screws! 
Just a special note - I have discovered a new tool today... similar to a dremel... we used it to cut baseboard to fit our new flooring heighth... It's is a Multifunction Power Tool.

The uses for this are endless and I highly recommend it!
So we are ending the day early (for us) because we are pooped.  Tomorrow should be very exciting as we hope to be cutting and laying our tile!  Hope you check back in!