Monday, December 30, 2013

Odyssey of the Kitchen Tile - Day 5 Laying of the Tile

Exactly as I thought my Star-in-law arrived this morning before I could even get through my 
beauty routine (my beauty routine = brush teeth/wash face).  
And we got to the fun part of laying tile...which is... 
laying tile....
 First we chalk lined the center of the room.  We used 16x16 squares... in alternating diagonal pattern.  We started the tiles in the center and worked toward a corner.  It just so happened that 16 x 16 is not the same with different manufacturers.  The sand tile ended up being slightly smaller than the bone tile, so adjustments had to be made.  Being the most judgemental out of the three, I soon became the tile layer.  If I messed it up I had no one to blame but myself and that is how my men liked it! 
 Mr. Star took on the measuring and marking role. 

First cut a success!
 And my Star-in-Law become the mighty cutter of the tile. 
 He did bring the tile cutter so he easily fell in to that role.

And I became the tile layer and spacer.  

 We used the board and mallet to help level each tile.  Yes, I did that to every one!

Halfway there!

We learned a lot as we went...  "mortar management" and so on... 
Here are some things to know about what we did...
*The large squares really do open up the room - which is a fairly small 1955 kitchen.  
*The alternating colors add a lot of visual interest, but being just slightly contrasting colors they add visual interest without being distracting.  However... in making the cuts we always had to stop and "think" which color tile was next.
*A diagonal pattern is very cut heavy and if you are looking to do a quick tile job stay away from it. 
Personally I am thrilled with it and it was worth the extra time.  
But all of the cuts made this relatively small job a 3 person 8 hour job.  
*If you do not want your nails and fingers to have a slight gray tinge after the job, wear work gloves.  I don't care, know it will eventually go away and I hate wearing gloves.  But If I had somewhere formal to go in the next couple of days I would have worn them.

So that's it for today!  Tomorrow... we GROUT!  Getting closer!  But you know me by now, all I can think about is cleaning the cabinets, cleaning the appliances, replacing outlet covers, painting the bathroom...