Monday, January 13, 2014

DIY Tile- The Kitchen tile is done!

Thanks for hanging in there Coastal friends, and thank you for all of your kind words about my DIY tile project!  We think we are done in the kitchen floor... 
we did run into a snag when placing the thresholds. 
On purpose, we ended the ceramic tile where the kitchen subfloor ended and where the HARDWOOD FLOOR begins.  However, in previous years, the linoleum crept past the threshold and that is where we laid the carpet ten years ago. So now we have a gap.  Which leads us to the next project -- I convinced Mr Star we NEEDED to pull up the carpet!  Of course there is a patch of linoleum where the previous owners had carried it into the foyer... but a Friday night later, a heat gun and a hot chisel later that is gone!
We will refinish the floors later... let's finish the kitchen tiles first! 

The final project cost came in right under $400 at $352.  
I did not get a contractor estimate and now I kind of regret it...
 would like to know how much we saved by DIY. 
 And to wrap it up... here is the obligatory before and after...

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