Friday, January 31, 2014

MyTime Woman's Show

Fabric is hung, Coastal Colors Beach Chic paint cans are arranged, the GIVEAWAY 
(actually there will be TWO) are ready to be won and excitement is in the air!
The MyTime Woman's Show is tomorrow Feb 1 from 10am-4pm.  When Chaffin Interiors asked me to come and be a part of their booth... well to put it honestly... I was and am so honored.  
Chaffin is an established Interior Design company... serving our area for over 50 years. 
 And to take the risk of having some crazy, roadkill painting furniture flipping lady in their booth... buddy let me tell you they have GUTS!
So if you are local to Hampton, VA - come on out!  We are located directly across from the fashion stage.  And if I can squeeze in the room...YES I WILL BE PAINTING!
GIVEAWAY #1 -  I will be holding a drawing for a quart of Coastal Colors Beach Chic paint and a VOID proformtech paintbrush!!
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I will be announcing GIVEAWAY #2 in the morning.  *HINT--- make sure you are early!

Some sneak peeks:
Chaffin professionals at work... (see a giveaway???)

Chaffin Interiors (only slightly overrun with Coastal Star items )

Come buy Coastal Colors paint?  Have you been wanting to try chalk paint?  This is better, more affordable, and MADE IN THE USA!!!