Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Odyssey of the Kitchen Tile - Day 6 AND 7

Thank you for your kind messages Coastal readers!  Sorry I missed posting yesterday but we decided to celebrate the New Year's arrival with my BFF... remember her from our Edisto Island trip?
 We had to usher out 2013 beating our men in one last game of Hand & Feet  ;)

Ok, back to business...yesterday we got up and went right to work with the grout.
Mr Star and I took turns grouting the tile... using a "cushioned" trowel for it.
I took advantage of having one trowel by taking down Christmas decorations!

 Here is the floor with completed grout.  We did find that the grout "settled" and we had to apply it twice.  Also - I highly recommend the sponges with the rough side to them.  I used one old sponge to wipe away the bulk of the excess grout... and then used the rough sided sponge to remove the final "glaze" that was left.

Here is where we are today.  
We are much closer to a finished floor!  We did get a surprise... apparently it only takes 3 hours for the grout we used to dry... but takes 3 DAYS TO CURE!!!  Make sure you take this time into account when you plan your tiling job!  So instead of moving back in the kitchen today, we will not be able to apply our grout sealer until Friday!  No worries, we want to do things the right way, and I am terrified to move our appliances in on the floor before it is ready.  So we will continue to live in chaos for a while longer.

And it gives me time to clean up our tile graveyard on my work table out back!  Isn't this funny! 
 The tiles that didn't make the "cut"  
Anyone know any good projects to use ceramic tile pieces?  Let me hear from you! 

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