Saturday, January 25, 2014

Upcycled Skateboard Dresser

I received a custom order for a very high end quality dresser.  I love to not have to repair a piece, but then I worry the whole time I am going to mess up a nice item.  I have a much lower stress level when I am flipping trash to treasure!  The owner is a teenage boy with an urban style decorated room.  Think xbox... concrete...brick... and SKATEBOARDS!  Ok, skateboards are part of my language so after I got the green light to do what I wanted... I found myself falling back to the skateboard theme.

So I got him home and gave it a light cleaning and sanding.  Even though I don't have to sand to use Coastal Colors Beach Chic paint... it does help with the cleaning process.
I didn't know what I was going to do for handles, but knew I wasn't going to keep what was there... so I filled in the existing drawer pull holes and sanded them down.

I decide to go with a broken asphalt look... so I started with Summer's Fog in certain areas that I knew I was going for the "chippy" look.
 I then used a chip brush and added vaseline to the areas that I wanted the grey to show through...
Then I applied two coats of Summer Nite painting directly over the vaselined areas as if they weren't there.

While that dried I got to work on my pulls.  And no, I did not have any idea what I was going to do, but I had some old skateboards that were roadkill I had collected.  So I pulled them out and while I gave them a good looking over the trucks just stared at me like, "DUH USE THESE!"
After some WD40 applications, wrenches, vice grips and a socket set later... I finally had all of the trucks removed and the wheels off.  I can destroy anything ;)  I sanded down the excess rust and cleaned my parts and set them aside.

When the Summer Nite dried I took steel wool and rubbed over the dresser... so wherever I had applied vaseline it gave me a beautiful chippy look!
 I went back through with a fine grit sandpaper and lightly distressed the rest.  
This really gave me the concrete look I was going for...

 I then took the skateboard parts and arranged them, figuring out what I wanted to use for each drawer.  The tricky part was figuring the sizes of the blots that would be needed for each truck and wheel so that there would be minimal overage inside the drawer.  After a quick trip to the hardware store,  I figured out the center of each drawer and marked it using my chalk.  Then my trusty drill and I worked on each one, taking my time.  I always drill in error when I rush ;)

After all of the pulls were in place I gave the entire piece a coat of Coastal Color's Liquid Steel to help bring out the shine and to protect and seal the finish... and we're done! 
 The perfect dresser for a skateboarder...  Or for anyone who likes fun unique pieces...
 And as a bonus I now have a go to box of skateboard parts for my next project!

DIY Skateboard Dresser