Monday, February 24, 2014

Using Your Resources!

Problem:  Shed... on it's last legs... needs a door.  Solution:  Privacy fence!!  
The sun is out, the air is warm, and I have gotten giddy... but this works, really!!!!
Here is the shed in question.
You guys know I love you, right?  There is no other way I would possibly show you a picture of my poor, dirty, tired shed...  however I am vain enough that this picture is "after" I cleaned it out yesterday :)
I know... I know... the door is gone.  We lost the door in the last winter storm we had.  Well... maybe it was a storm a year ago...  and maybe the door was hanging by a single hinge for a few months before I raged and ripped it off in frustration... I have been busy, ok?  We are looking to replace the shed and I didn't want to put any money into it <insert drum roll here>  so I used an old privacy fence gate!  I happened to have four.  Yes, shake your head... but think of the possibilities!  Two are too big... one is too small... and the last one, well it is close enough.  

So I took off the old hardware and added new hinges.  No, of course I didn't use anything "new" but they are new to this project.   I added "new" hinges to the top and bottom, and reused one of the old hinges for the middle support. 
 Can you see the hinge that I put on backward?  Please don't ever accuse me of being perfect.  
But do note that it is ok to make mistakes... just get your hands dirty and TRY!!!
Taught myself how to use a socket wrench today!  It is so fun to figure out a tool...

Adding the old hardware back to the door.  Note the safety flip flops.  Very important.
Once I got the hardware where I wanted it on the door, I placed the door into it's space.  Since I was by myself,  I used a board to support the door while I hung it.  That way there would be plenty of clearance when we use the door.
End product...

Door meets brown dog inspection and is approved.

My new shed door! 
I actually think it is quite charming... and is a fun way to replace a broken door while I build my new shed. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014


REFUNK YOUR JUNK is a workshop where you learn about artisan paints (i.e. "chalk paints") and how to apply these paints to your home/decor.  
If you have space and a sink, I can come to you.  This can be a personal house party with a few friends, a garden club, women's club etc...Allow 3 hours and everyone paints.  $60/a person.. hostess gets a deep discount.  Large groups may also qualify for a discount. I also have these Workshops at least once a month where I provide the location. 
I can also do a Deminar (demo/seminar)  this is where I do the painting and give detailed information on painting furniture.  This works well for many groups.  I will bring paint/wax to sell and can come for a flat fee.

In the workshops, you bring a small piece of furniture/decor that you can carry comfortably.  Please clean it before you arrive.  We will learn about "all" different paints (unlike other workshops which tend to be long commercials for their paint lines).  We actually paint our pieces, learn different types of distressing, and about different ways to seal our furniture.  If anyone tries to tell you there is only one way to do it, run!  I give thrifty tips, you do not have to spend a fortune to rehab your pieces!  We use Coastal Colors Beach Chic paints in the workshop.  We also use Fiddes & Sons Supreme Wax.  
All of these can be purchased through Coastal Star or Chaffin Interiors
Many people come to the workshops over and over.  You can learn and use a different technique each time!  Use the variety of colors available to you without having to buy the paints!
Just a few of the techniques you can learn. 

Flat paint no sealant.  Top leg is a whitewash, 2nd leg is a two toned light distressing, 3rd leg is chippy, last leg is color only.
Same legs with clear wax.
Same styles with dark wax!
Color washing...
Very popular color washing.  

I hope to see you soon and REFUNK SOME JUNK with you!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Carolina Beach Storage

Don't you just love the one-of-a-kind pieces that you just can't go to a store and buy?  
This accent table with storage galore is one of those... and BONUS... 
it is an Ethan Allen piece and is really high quality.
So here is my before...
Pretty much the only thing wrong with this little guy... he was missing handles.  That is an EASY fix!
I haven't done my Carolina Beach scene in a while... and this door is screaming for art.  So I pulled my colors for the scene and painted the rest of the piece in those colors... So... I used Sandy Toes, To the Maxx, Caicos, Seaspray, Palm Fronds, Jetty and Bennie. 

Painted before sealing
Isn't the Caicos a gorgeous blue?  I love it teamed up with Palm Fronds and Seaspray.  OH MY....
I coated this one with Liquid Steel... and here it is ready for sale at Chaffin Interiors!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Nightstands with a Secret!

Hey y'all!  What a week!  I did my first deminar this week.. and I LOVED DOING IT and am now available to speak at your event!  It was a blast and my new students loved watching a chair be transformed right in front of their eyes!  And they learned about the amazing Coastal Colors paint that works so easily and dries so quickly that we were able to complete the entire project (with waxing) in under 2 hours!!!!
Eager students!
 I knew I was going to forget something... and I did... my dropcloth!  And I was painting in their BRAND NEW LIBRARY on their BRAND NEW TABLE  on their BRAND NEW CARPET!  Thankfully I keep beach towels in the Starmobile for emergency beach trips and I found that I liked this even better!  Remember how I say in art your mistakes usually become your greatest creative works?  My mistake enabled me to come up with a creative solution that suits my style even more!
My chair waiting it's treatment.

Coastal Colors paint display.


Beach blue chairs after!
The nightstands that I am showing today... they are a great find from my Star-in-law!  
They came as a pair which is a rare find...
 And even rarer is that they have a secret drawer in their backs!  How fun, right?  What would you keep in that drawer???  Wait... I probably don't want to know... :)
I have been itching to pull out some Turks love on a piece and these nightstands really needed a bright fun color.  So the basecoat was Turks...  and although I usually don't paint the back of a piece, the secret drawer here really pushed me to do it.  I loved the clean look it gives the nightstands. 
The detail work demanded a little something special... 
I didn't want to take away from the color so I decided on a wash with SeaSpray.  Seriously, what would be a better match for Turks and the sweet white of Seaspray...  

And here they are... yummy, right?  

Ready for adoption.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Painted Desk

Hello Everyone!  Miss me?!  I have missed you... what a week!  This week was my first week painting at my new studio area in Chaffin Interiors... so I am not on a routine yet, doing more organizing than painting. See the post about my new studio... Fun News- Here we Grow Again!

My first project in the new studio is a Hammary Desk.  Here is the before...
He had some scratches and a loose spot to the left of the center drawer.  After a good cleaning with my Murphy's Oil Soap... I glued and clamped the loose spot and got to painting.  I chose some elegant greens that I just love for sophisticated pieces.  I used Coastal Colors Beach Chic Paint in AHA! for the neutral, then Seagrass for the legs, and Belmar for the top and drawers.

I love this color combination... but love it even more with a dark wax aging treatment.  
I wet distressed, applied clear wax, then added the dark...
Drawers before dark wax.

Drawers after dark wax... yummy!

Final desk. 

Desk is currently for sale at Chaffin Interiors 

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Friday, February 7, 2014


This is such big news for Coastal Star... The Star now has retail space and... a showroom studio!!!  Coastal Star has moved onto Chaffin Interior's showroom in Hidenwood Shopping Center!!!  This means you can come watch me work, you can even work alongside me (we can now have impromptu REFUNK YOUR JUNK workshops!)... my finished items will be on the showroom and you can browse my pieces waiting to be painted and if you like them... you can pick your colors and I will paint them for you. 
Located next door to Christopher Newport University, Coastal Star items are perfect items for dorm rooms and rental spaces.  Star furniture can fit any decor!  
We can also have our one stroke classes and birthday parties here!
And of course... YOU CAN NOW PURCHASE 
Make sure you check my FB page as I will post studio hours there.
Staking my claim.

All ready for FEB 8 REFUNK YOUR JUNK class!
 And here's a tip... those of us who are used to doing things on our own... 
Use a broom to carry more than two cans of paint.  I can carry 6 at a time with my broom! 
 Yes, I am the one that carries all 20 grocery bags into the house with one trip
 The broom trick also works with the grocery bags!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Painted Storage Cabinet

It was there everytime I walked in the house.  Begging me to paint it.  Literally begging.  It was a gift to me from my sister in law, and it fits perfectly in our foyer to hold our book bags, briefcases, hats, scarves, gloves etc.  

But it was ugly.  So so so U.G.L.Y.
 No.  It is not even wood.  But it is a wonderful size for my needs... 
So I wiped it down... and got to painting!  I, of course, used my Coastal Colors paint...
The colors I used were driftwood for the base, seaspray for the white panels, Nantucket for the Seahorses and Mermaid's Tale to shade the seahorses.  I did very light distressing (I didn't want too much of the original UGLY to come through)  and sealed with Liquid Steel as we use this a lot and I want to minimize scratches... Here it is...

 It's amazing what this beautiful paint can do for a piece - now I LOVE IT!!!!
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Upcycling... Pottery?

You guys remember the Kitchen Floor re-tile job... which led to the Kitchen Painting job?  Well that lead to the my pottery canister set from the 90's DO NOT WORK IN MY KITCHEN ANYMORE!!!
These just had to go!

First step was to fix the lids!
Since I didn't have anything to lose really... I spackled then sanded the lids to repair the cracks...
Then painted over the entire canisters with my Coastal Colors paint in Summer's Fog.
The paint adhered beautifully and only took 2 coats.

 Here is the set today... I top coated with Coastal Colors Liquid Steel to prevent chipping... and they are working beautifully for me... and I saved the landfill of my poor outdated set... and saved my wallet from buying a new set!  WIN/WIN, right?
I will probably add some shells to these... I will keep you posted how that works for me.  
So yes, you can paint pottery with awesome results!