Friday, February 7, 2014


This is such big news for Coastal Star... The Star now has retail space and... a showroom studio!!!  Coastal Star has moved onto Chaffin Interior's showroom in Hidenwood Shopping Center!!!  This means you can come watch me work, you can even work alongside me (we can now have impromptu REFUNK YOUR JUNK workshops!)... my finished items will be on the showroom and you can browse my pieces waiting to be painted and if you like them... you can pick your colors and I will paint them for you. 
Located next door to Christopher Newport University, Coastal Star items are perfect items for dorm rooms and rental spaces.  Star furniture can fit any decor!  
We can also have our one stroke classes and birthday parties here!
And of course... YOU CAN NOW PURCHASE 
Make sure you check my FB page as I will post studio hours there.
Staking my claim.

All ready for FEB 8 REFUNK YOUR JUNK class!
 And here's a tip... those of us who are used to doing things on our own... 
Use a broom to carry more than two cans of paint.  I can carry 6 at a time with my broom! 
 Yes, I am the one that carries all 20 grocery bags into the house with one trip
 The broom trick also works with the grocery bags!