Friday, February 21, 2014

Nightstands with a Secret!

Hey y'all!  What a week!  I did my first deminar this week.. and I LOVED DOING IT and am now available to speak at your event!  It was a blast and my new students loved watching a chair be transformed right in front of their eyes!  And they learned about the amazing Coastal Colors paint that works so easily and dries so quickly that we were able to complete the entire project (with waxing) in under 2 hours!!!!
Eager students!
 I knew I was going to forget something... and I did... my dropcloth!  And I was painting in their BRAND NEW LIBRARY on their BRAND NEW TABLE  on their BRAND NEW CARPET!  Thankfully I keep beach towels in the Starmobile for emergency beach trips and I found that I liked this even better!  Remember how I say in art your mistakes usually become your greatest creative works?  My mistake enabled me to come up with a creative solution that suits my style even more!
My chair waiting it's treatment.

Coastal Colors paint display.


Beach blue chairs after!
The nightstands that I am showing today... they are a great find from my Star-in-law!  
They came as a pair which is a rare find...
 And even rarer is that they have a secret drawer in their backs!  How fun, right?  What would you keep in that drawer???  Wait... I probably don't want to know... :)
I have been itching to pull out some Turks love on a piece and these nightstands really needed a bright fun color.  So the basecoat was Turks...  and although I usually don't paint the back of a piece, the secret drawer here really pushed me to do it.  I loved the clean look it gives the nightstands. 
The detail work demanded a little something special... 
I didn't want to take away from the color so I decided on a wash with SeaSpray.  Seriously, what would be a better match for Turks and the sweet white of Seaspray...  

And here they are... yummy, right?  

Ready for adoption.

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