Sunday, February 23, 2014


REFUNK YOUR JUNK is a workshop where you learn about artisan paints (i.e. "chalk paints") and how to apply these paints to your home/decor.  
If you have space and a sink, I can come to you.  This can be a personal house party with a few friends, a garden club, women's club etc...Allow 3 hours and everyone paints.  $60/a person.. hostess gets a deep discount.  Large groups may also qualify for a discount. I also have these Workshops at least once a month where I provide the location. 
I can also do a Deminar (demo/seminar)  this is where I do the painting and give detailed information on painting furniture.  This works well for many groups.  I will bring paint/wax to sell and can come for a flat fee.

In the workshops, you bring a small piece of furniture/decor that you can carry comfortably.  Please clean it before you arrive.  We will learn about "all" different paints (unlike other workshops which tend to be long commercials for their paint lines).  We actually paint our pieces, learn different types of distressing, and about different ways to seal our furniture.  If anyone tries to tell you there is only one way to do it, run!  I give thrifty tips, you do not have to spend a fortune to rehab your pieces!  We use Coastal Colors Beach Chic paints in the workshop.  We also use Fiddes & Sons Supreme Wax.  
All of these can be purchased through Coastal Star or Chaffin Interiors
Many people come to the workshops over and over.  You can learn and use a different technique each time!  Use the variety of colors available to you without having to buy the paints!
Just a few of the techniques you can learn. 

Flat paint no sealant.  Top leg is a whitewash, 2nd leg is a two toned light distressing, 3rd leg is chippy, last leg is color only.
Same legs with clear wax.
Same styles with dark wax!
Color washing...
Very popular color washing.  

I hope to see you soon and REFUNK SOME JUNK with you!