Monday, February 24, 2014

Using Your Resources!

Problem:  Shed... on it's last legs... needs a door.  Solution:  Privacy fence!!  
The sun is out, the air is warm, and I have gotten giddy... but this works, really!!!!
Here is the shed in question.
You guys know I love you, right?  There is no other way I would possibly show you a picture of my poor, dirty, tired shed...  however I am vain enough that this picture is "after" I cleaned it out yesterday :)
I know... I know... the door is gone.  We lost the door in the last winter storm we had.  Well... maybe it was a storm a year ago...  and maybe the door was hanging by a single hinge for a few months before I raged and ripped it off in frustration... I have been busy, ok?  We are looking to replace the shed and I didn't want to put any money into it <insert drum roll here>  so I used an old privacy fence gate!  I happened to have four.  Yes, shake your head... but think of the possibilities!  Two are too big... one is too small... and the last one, well it is close enough.  

So I took off the old hardware and added new hinges.  No, of course I didn't use anything "new" but they are new to this project.   I added "new" hinges to the top and bottom, and reused one of the old hinges for the middle support. 
 Can you see the hinge that I put on backward?  Please don't ever accuse me of being perfect.  
But do note that it is ok to make mistakes... just get your hands dirty and TRY!!!
Taught myself how to use a socket wrench today!  It is so fun to figure out a tool...

Adding the old hardware back to the door.  Note the safety flip flops.  Very important.
Once I got the hardware where I wanted it on the door, I placed the door into it's space.  Since I was by myself,  I used a board to support the door while I hung it.  That way there would be plenty of clearance when we use the door.
End product...

Door meets brown dog inspection and is approved.

My new shed door! 
I actually think it is quite charming... and is a fun way to replace a broken door while I build my new shed.