Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Process

If you have taken my REFUNK YOUR JUNK workshop, you have become my friend.  In that workshop, you may have also realized how much I simply love the process of creating art from a "useless" object.  These last few weeks as my life has gotten out of control... I have realized how much the process actually soothes me.  Today, painting at Chaffin Interiors, talking with my friends about all of our "troubles"  I felt oddly at ease.  The reason?  The Process.  The process of transformation.  The process of art.  The process of cleansing.  The process of routine. The process of creating.  Make art.  Make art when you are happy, sad, glad or mad.  Let yourself get lost in the process.  Because that is what art is all about.
The Process.