Saturday, March 15, 2014

Things My Momma Taught Me: New Series!

First of all,  dear sweet readers, I need to thank you for the sweetest messages/emails asking where my blog was and that you missed it!  In this type of forum, it is very humbling and honoring to be "missed".  My little life has taken a turn with a health diagnosis of my mother's.  In less than two weeks, we have received diagnosis, moved my mom to the coast with me, and have started Doctors appointments and testings.  So... this has left little time for blogging.   As we adjust to our "new normal", schedules will fall back in place so please hang in there with me!  I have missed you too!!!

As an adult, do you find yourselves doing something, and realizing that you are emulating a trait of one of your parents?  These last two weeks have also been a time of refection for our family, and I am constantly reminded of how much I am like both of my parents.  So I have been inspired to start a "Things My Momma Taught Me" Series.  There may not be a lot of painting in this series, but as my students have found out... when I share my art with you... you become a part of my life.  Every piece I paint/create, well, I put a little bit of myself into it.  So y'all are like family to me! 
My momma during one of her "Coastal" moments.

Ready for the first lesson?  Teamwork.  My parents have both been natural leaders, but always developed strong teams of support.   Take inventory of strengths and weaknesses and assemble a team.  I watched as my mom received a diagnosis, my brothers and I just fell into a rhythm as a team, supporting each other and making decisions.  We fumbled a few times... but as teammates we just pick each other back up.  As the female, I automatically fell into the caregiver role, my brothers automatically picked up organizational and mobilizing tasks.  The in-laws fell into support roles as extended brothers and sisters.  Because the best way to honor our mother... 
is to fall into an organized team of support and care for her.  

And that's what we intend to do.  
The Boyer team is unstoppable.  

Thanks Mom.