Friday, April 18, 2014

Things My Momma Taught Me: Easter Is Just Another Day.

This year, Easter is going to be a little different for my family.  
For the first time in over 10 years, I am not involved in creating an Easter service.  (ouch)  
I am not planning a big elaborate meal.  (not so bad)  
There will not be any new Easter clothes, hair ribbons, hats or ties purchased.  
(on the fence about this one)  

And it's ok.  

My family is in it's own season this year.  We have illness and pain, but we also have love for each other and love for Christ.  Just like we do every other day.  Although it is wonderful to set Easter apart to honor the sacrifice and rise of our Lord, don't we really do this everyday?  Or shouldn't we?  The glorious sacrifice of life for me.  And you.  Because He loves us everyday.  And He loves us on Easter whether or not we have a shiny new dress or tie on.  He loves us for richer or poorer and in sickness and in health.  He loves us every day, not just Easter or Christmas.  
Easter is just another day.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Old Picture Frames Turned Chalk Boards

This is why I collect old pictures...
Yuck, right?

And yuckier...
And now we have shabby beachy useful goodness...

Enjoy this dark wax detail! 

This was a bright white before the dark wax goodness hit it!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pauly D Table

Yes.  Pauly D.  Last summer I spent a week on the Jersey Shore.  Read about my adventures at Paint Camp Here. I had a wonderful time, and one of the pieces I learned was a sea turtle.  Sea turtles are very special to my daughter and I and I just so loved learning to paint this beautiful creature.  So when I learned this little guy, I named him Pauly D so I could say that I brought Pauly D home with me from the Jersey Shore.  :)
I have been waiting to paint him again, and this table just called out to me for a little Pauly D treatment.  So I started with my Sea Wash.  I used Coastal Colors Caicos as a base, and washed with Daybreak, Sea Glass and Turks. 
Then I painted Pauly D and surrounded him with movement and Sea Grass.  Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Painted Beds

Just finished two beds this weekend... wanna peak?
 Painted head and footboard, full size, with a vintage wash using Coastal Colors Summer's Fog as a base, and washed with  Seaspray and Sea Gull.  Wet distressed and then coated with Liquid Steel for ultimate protection.

It's all about the details, right?

Perfectly chic for any home or cottage...
Then I changed it up on this Queen sized Headboard... for a fun yummy water look...Base is Coastal Colors Turks, washed with Daybreak, SeaGlass, AND Caicos.  I can't stop staring at the finish... I am in love... I am going to call this my Sea Wash...
Sea Wash

Wet distressed.  I will never touch sandpaper again.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Because It Is Who I Am...

Praying over furniture.  I know that even though I love on my pieces, name them, nurture them and usually end up loving them... I know that they are inanimate objects.  That is the fun part.  But the part that is real... are the people that will be using my pieces.  My favorite piece of furniture at home is my dining room table and chair.  It is so much more than a table to eat on... It was my Grandmother's.  And then my Mother's.  And now mine.  Not a day passes that I don't think about my family and family's friends that have sat around that table eating meals.  Paying bills.  Worrying about paying bills.  Discussing politics, religion and the neighbors.  Deciding on life's paths, and playing countless games of Rook.  And now my own family sits there, doing the same things.  That's when the furniture becomes more than a functional piece of decor.  It's family.

As a teenager I sold sewing and cross stitch samplers in Colonial Williamsburg.  Besides that, most of my art was for myself, family and friends.  Until I was asked to create some costumes for my church's Christmas production.  It was then that I started praying over each garment that I made.  Not for the garment, but for the person that would be wearing it.  For their family taking over that person's chores while they served in our production.  For the people that would be watching the production... you name it.  Instead of dreading the fact that I would have to make 80 costumes, I craved my late night "prayer time".  For years I did the costuming and praying for my church, but then I was moved to some different roles that took me from costuming, but definitely kept me praying :)

As I started painting furniture for others a little over a year ago, I found myself praying as I worked.  Please let this piece be a blessing to someone's home.
Please be useful as a toddler sets his sippy cup on it. 

Please bring joy to guests and make them feel welcome in the home. 

These past two weeks I have worked on a tea set for Chaffin client.  The set is a full table and four chairs, and will be residing in the granddaughter's bedroom in their home. 

 Lord, bring the bond of grandparent's and grandchildren together over this table. 

 Let there be delight and happiness in this home.  Let there be comfort and peace and a place of love and simple companionship at this table.  

Let there be silliness and goofiness, and perhaps a time of learning, training, and discipline at this table.  Most of all, make sure they leave a seat of Christ Himself.