Friday, May 30, 2014

Painted Desk for Your Gidget or Grom

With a desk like this, my keiki would be begging to do their homework!  Ok, not really, but this is an adorable desk to keep their laptop on, or to clip coupons at...
Here is the before...
He has great bones, no repairs were needed.  One of the knobs is split... but I was going for a very distressed look so I went with it!
I used Coastal Colors Seaspray for the base color, and used To The Maxx, Seagull, and Dede for the drawers.  I clear waxed and distressed a little heavier than normal...

Paisley Coffee Table

A little coffee table love...Painted with Coastal Colors Turks as a base color.  Then, using a stencil, I used Coastal Colors Daybreak and Bennie for the Paisleys.  I put Daybreak around the skirting and Bennie on the feet.   I then clear waxed and distressed.
What a fun table this turned out to be!  It is for sale at Chaffin Interiors!
Purchase Coastal Colors paint here.

Friday, May 23, 2014


All right y'all... I have some exciting news!
Coastal Star Decor items can now be found in Mint Julep Antiques!
Mint Julep can be found on E Queens Street in Hampton, VA.  
Looking for a funky, hip, eclectic place to shop and dine?  Look no further than this street! 
 Located across from the Va Air and Space Center and right beside Marker 20 is this new store that you have GOT to visit.  They have very unique antique items, and support many wonderful local artists, you won't be disappointed... and there are many wonderful items for your own home or gift giving.  Slide down for a Saturday night block party this summer, dine at Marker 20 and browse through Mint Julep.  I am so excited to be selling my pieces here! 

Some of the very talented artists at Mint Julep!
Yes, I am still primarily located at Chaffin Interiors in Hidenwood Shopping Center where you can also take my Refunk Your Junk classes and purchase Coastal Colors Beach Chic paint and Fiddes & Sons wax.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Things My Momma Taught Me: Bloom Where You Are Planted

I am so glad I started this series while my Mom was still with us.  
Today I want to share her lesson about Blooming Where You are Planted.

My Mom had become an icon in Galax, VA.  She was a part of the Old Time Music culture there and promoted the music and "musicianers".  She led the volunteers and developed shows at the Historic Rex Theater on a weekly basis.  She created and directed a clogging group named Blue Ridge Country Kickers.  She learned to play bass and fiddle and played with various bands.  She taught children and adults how to clog.  She led workshops annually for Notre Dame students to teach them mountain dancing.  She led volunteers for the annual Houstonfest, honoring Houston Caldwell, one of her dear friends that lost his own life way too early.  She fed folks, became an adopted parent and grandparent to many, a friend to most.  And this is just to name a few of her accomplishments.

But I will let you in on a little secret.

She didn't want to move to Galax to begin with.  

My parents were both from Galax and had left there due to the Air Force and settled in Newport News VA to raise their children.  The mountains called my Dad to return the day he retired.  My Mom loved the activity and life in Newport News, and had just moved into her dream house a few years prior.  But my Dad wanted to return to Galax so she supported him and off they went within months.  It was a couple of years later that my Dad died of a heart attack, leaving her alone with a few elderly relatives.  

She could have chosen to be reclusive.  That certainly would have been the easiest thing to do.  Instead she bought a set of golf clubs and started to play regularly.  She took clogging lessons.  She began accepting her friends invitations.  And the rest is history.  She created a life where she was that fit her circumstances. 

And in the end, she had touched many lives.  People moved to Galax after meeting her at the Rex and getting pulled into the music culture.  She taught people that were lost to dance and gave them a group to form friendships with that will last a lifetime.  Children that she encouraged as youngsters to play an instrument are now becoming adults and are teaching and encouraging the next generation.  She became involved with the City's Tourism Dpt and helped guide decisions that are making impacts today.  The Virginia State Folklorist has already written a story about her since her passing.  And the city that she didn't want to return to?  They held a Celebration of her life,  and have commissioned an Appalachian Artist to draw her portrait to post in the Historic Rex Theater. 

Bloom where you are planted.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I'm Back!

Ok, so my regular readers have noticed I have been MIA.  Thank you so much for your kind words and messages!  I am so touched that readers that I only know through my blog have reached out to me.  For those of you catching up... My dear Mother/BFF died April 30.  After a diagnosis and brief illness of a couple of months, my sweet Mom died of Lung Cancer.  She had moved in with my family the last couple of months and I so cherish the time I had with her.  What a bittersweet time of waking up every morning knowing that it very well may be your last together.  My Mom knew what was happening and still faced every day with grace and dignity. 

 Just as I knew she would.  

My brothers and I had a week to come together and pack up the house that was in our family for 70 years.   We loaded trailers and Uhauls and carried everything back across the state with us.  We had a beautiful Graveside service just as my Mom requested with a handful of family and friends, and then the wonderful city of Galax held a Celebration of her Life (I dubbed it her "FUN"eral) as she was a longtime ambassador of Old Time Music for the city and had volunteered/managed many aspects of that for the Tourism Dept.  Many bands played and told stories of her life and we danced and danced. 

Just as she knew we would.

 So now I am back home, navigating the world of probating wills, Title transfers and insurance... 
and I am slowly, very slowly, starting to feel some normalcy coming back.  
For the first time in a month I am actually wanting to start painting again, wanting to to start creating again.  Looking at items and picturing what they could look like with a little love and attention.  
Just a few more days and I will start trickling back to a painting routine, 
and back to all the things that make me... 
well, me.  

Just as she knew I would.