Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Grandma's Pinterest

Just thought I would give a quick share... as we were cleaning out my Mom's house a few weeks ago... we found things that had always been there but we had never seen.  Here is Grandma's Pinterest idea... before Pinterest was cool.

Above the area where she did her canning, she had attach the ring section of a binder!  I can imaging here clipping recipes up here to keep them out of her way.  I imagined she used these holders for a lot of different things!  How brilliant!

The binder clips are among the nails wires on the ceiling of the basement!

Just nailed right on up there!

How would you use this idea?

Monday, June 23, 2014

Are You Ready for PAINT CAMP 2014??

Hold on Coastal Friends… 
This week we are going to PAINT CAMP 2014!  Remember Paint Camp 2013 when we went to Belmar, New Jersey and stayed at the beautiful Morning Dove Inn? Get caught up on those posts Here...Here... Here... Here... and Here
 Well, Sherry has moved and opened up a new business, Refunk Your Junk, in Palm Coast Florida, so off I go!  I leave Wed morning to drive myself to Florida (you won’t want to miss this) and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I will be attending a Re Dew Certification class, certifying me to teach how to Redew furniture from DEW U!  I am so excited as Donna Dewberry herself will be teaching the class alongside Sherry Waldman!  Somebody pinch me!   
Sunday I will stay and paint with Sherry and learn lots of new things to come back and paint for you guys and teach you to paint too!  Make sure you sign up for my One Stroke Workshop and Refunk Your Junk workshops!  If you want to stay tuned into my shenanigans, please Like me, Coastal Star Décor on Facebook and travel and journey with me.    Make sure you choose to receive notifications from me so you don’t miss a thing.  I LOVE traveling “with” you guys and getting your comments and encouragement!   It makes me a better artist in so many ways.  
Off to finish packing!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Card Table Makeover

We love our camper and look forward to spending time in it frequently.  We have it parked at the oceanfront and retreat there as often as possible.   
"Sandy Sheets"

As I quickly learned, part of the camping culture is to include your deck space for living area.  As we had saved for years for our camper, there was no more fundage for fun deck accessories. 

Yes, fundage is a word.  Um, no… don’t look it up ;)

Challenge is on.  Besides,  who wants to spend money on expensive things and have it destroyed by salt air, or even worse to be stolen when we weren’t there.  If my things get stolen now… HAHA jokes on you, you just stole my TRASH!  (OK, I am just kidding.  I love my trash, please don’t take it. )
So here is my deck three weeks in.   

  We have enough to be comfortable outside,  and now that the basics are done I can enjoy accessorizing and adding to it.  Everything, except for this small table  and the chickens were found on the side of the road!

Table legs were scavenged separately from the window.  Put them together for a beach chic table.
Amazing, right?  If you want to know about anything in particular, let me know.  Basically everything got a coat of Coastal Colors Beach Chic Paint  and a cover of Liquid Steel to protect it in the elements.  It has already been through one thunderstorm and is holding up very well so I am hopeful.  And the paint goes on so easy and dries so quick, I did most of the deck furniture in ONE MORNING. Click here to purchase Coastal Colors Paint.
The biggest transformation was my pitiful card table.  Easy and lightweight, it works great for camping.  It had a couple of tears in the top, stains and needed a thorough cleaning.  But I found it on the side of the road and PAID NOTHING.  

After a good cleaning with Mr. Clean and an old rag… I began painting the legs.  I used Coastal Colors… remember NO SANDING NO PRIMING?  Right, I just went right to painting.  I chose Turks because the color is just striking  and one of my all time favorite go to colors.  I used two coats, but didn’t worry about thorough coverage, I like the shabby look, even on my card tables LOL.  I let it dry, ten minutes and covered it with Liquid Steel.  This is to protect it from the elements. 

Then I covered the top with Contact Paper!  I loved the zebra print I found in Wal mart for $3.96.  I left a little overhang on each edge… then covered the second half of the table the same way, matching up the patterns.  As close as I could without spending too long on it…After I had the paper down secure on the top, I trimmed  all around the table to make it nice and flush.  I could have taken the top off, and if it was a table that I would be using in a different scenario I probably would do that and re attach the top. 

Add caption
 But this works perfectly for me now!  Have fun with your card tables… send me your pictures if you try this! 
Next is to replace the cushions!

 I would love to see them posted on my Facebook page!  

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy Desk!

Ever seen a Happy Desk??  I have now!  You will be making up work to do to get to sit at this Happy Desk!  This desk was salvaged.  It was kicked to the curb even though there were no structural issues. 
I have to say, that just putting the drawers in their proper spots did a lot for this desk alone  :)
I wanted a color that could contrast well with the dark wood and the navy blue, so I went with Coastal Colors Bennie and Seaspray.  Now she is bright and cheery, and begging for someone to sit at her and do some work!

The dark wood and navy looks fabulous peeking through these colors!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mermaid Sofa Table

Just put this sofa table in Mint Julep Antiques!

I used Coastal Colors Sea Glass as a base...

I love the way the hardware turned out with this paint treatment...
 Then Dry brushed Turks, Nantucket, and Daybreak to create the deep water look.
 The Mermaid is Seaspray Summer's Fog, with a little Rachel thrown in for a mystic look...

This sofa table is a STEAL at $125 at Mint Julep in Downtown Hampton!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chicken Love

I just love the versatility of Coastal Colors Beach Chic paint.  With the passing of my Mom, I have kept some of her belongings that were at her house.  Mind you, some of these items would mean NOTHING to the average person... but some of these things were my grandma's etc... you get the picture.  Well look what you can do with this paint!!!

These chickens sat on my Grandma's carport F.O.R.E.V.E.R. 
 There was no way I was getting rid of the filthy ugly concrete things  <3  
And there is no reason to fill our landfills... everything can be reinvented somehow, right?
Can't have a picture without some brown dog love, right?
 Here is a picture of the babies, the left is before and the right is with only one coat. 
 The coverage was wonderful!
Baby chick before, Baby chick one coat.

I am loving my Coastal Chickens now!!!
 Finished Chickens above... I used Shore Thing from Coastal Colors!
Shore Thing - Coastal Color Beach Chic Paint.

 Now these chickens have moved from the country to the beach in STYLE!
Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Little Encouragement for the Artist

Have you ever been to the beach and just spent some time "people" watching?  No, this is not code for checking out the cuties in their bathing suits ;)   I like to watch people go shelling. 

It's important to keep a low profile while "people" watching.
 They walk by with buckets, bags, bottles... anything they could find... usually last minute to gather their treasures.  Men walk behind women stuffing their pockets, kids have their armfulls.  I have even been know to put a few in my groms wet suit.  And he was under full protest mind you... but we just want to take a part of the beach home with us.  And sometimes we even want to believe that a certain shell was formed just for us. 
The best shelling is done near sand bars.
 Mr. Star and I recently purchased a camper and have parked it as close to the beach as we could get it.  But on a recent beach trip... as we were contemplating this purchase... I was sitting at the water's edge when this black beauty literally rolled up into my lap.  It was my gift from the sea, and I KNOW it was formed for me.  It was also affirmation that we should make the purchase we were struggling with.  I am sure someone was watching me as I whooped it up and cheered over my treasure, but I am totally ok with that.  I hope they enjoyed my JOY!
But what strikes me is that while shelling, some people will walk by a certain shell and someone else will pick it up.  Why was that shell not good enough for the first 5 people?  Well, I assure you nothing was wrong with the shell... but it was not what the person was looking for!  Some people just look for glass, some look for clam shells only, some want colored shells only. 

It's the same for artists and their art.  I have had people come in my booth and touch every piece, purchase pieces, and ooo and aaaa.  (And yes, one of the best feelings in the world is having your personal art appreciated)  But I also have people walk by and scrunch their nose... say "I could do that"  or, my personal favorite... "Why do they want to make the furniture look old".  But this is also ok!  There is nothing wrong with my pieces...it was just not what they were looking for!  

So if you are an artist, I encourage you to NOT get discouraged when you have pieces turned down or people walk away.  There is never bad art, I am convinced of this.  My students have hopefully learned this from me.  But not everyone is going to appreciate your art.  And that is ok too... wouldn't it be boring if we all had the same tastes?!  Use your gifts and enjoy the journey... if you love what you do, chances are someone else will too.  

Do a little something that you love today.

Refunk Your Junk Workshop!

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Workshop is held in Newport News, Va.
 Bring a small piece of furniture/decor to paint and take home with you!
Not only will we be using Coastal Color Beach Chic paint,
but Donna Dewberry's new Home Decor Chalk paint.  
You will love learning how to use this paint!
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