Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Little Encouragement for the Artist

Have you ever been to the beach and just spent some time "people" watching?  No, this is not code for checking out the cuties in their bathing suits ;)   I like to watch people go shelling. 

It's important to keep a low profile while "people" watching.
 They walk by with buckets, bags, bottles... anything they could find... usually last minute to gather their treasures.  Men walk behind women stuffing their pockets, kids have their armfulls.  I have even been know to put a few in my groms wet suit.  And he was under full protest mind you... but we just want to take a part of the beach home with us.  And sometimes we even want to believe that a certain shell was formed just for us. 
The best shelling is done near sand bars.
 Mr. Star and I recently purchased a camper and have parked it as close to the beach as we could get it.  But on a recent beach trip... as we were contemplating this purchase... I was sitting at the water's edge when this black beauty literally rolled up into my lap.  It was my gift from the sea, and I KNOW it was formed for me.  It was also affirmation that we should make the purchase we were struggling with.  I am sure someone was watching me as I whooped it up and cheered over my treasure, but I am totally ok with that.  I hope they enjoyed my JOY!
But what strikes me is that while shelling, some people will walk by a certain shell and someone else will pick it up.  Why was that shell not good enough for the first 5 people?  Well, I assure you nothing was wrong with the shell... but it was not what the person was looking for!  Some people just look for glass, some look for clam shells only, some want colored shells only. 

It's the same for artists and their art.  I have had people come in my booth and touch every piece, purchase pieces, and ooo and aaaa.  (And yes, one of the best feelings in the world is having your personal art appreciated)  But I also have people walk by and scrunch their nose... say "I could do that"  or, my personal favorite... "Why do they want to make the furniture look old".  But this is also ok!  There is nothing wrong with my pieces...it was just not what they were looking for!  

So if you are an artist, I encourage you to NOT get discouraged when you have pieces turned down or people walk away.  There is never bad art, I am convinced of this.  My students have hopefully learned this from me.  But not everyone is going to appreciate your art.  And that is ok too... wouldn't it be boring if we all had the same tastes?!  Use your gifts and enjoy the journey... if you love what you do, chances are someone else will too.  

Do a little something that you love today.