Saturday, June 21, 2014

Card Table Makeover

We love our camper and look forward to spending time in it frequently.  We have it parked at the oceanfront and retreat there as often as possible.   
"Sandy Sheets"

As I quickly learned, part of the camping culture is to include your deck space for living area.  As we had saved for years for our camper, there was no more fundage for fun deck accessories. 

Yes, fundage is a word.  Um, no… don’t look it up ;)

Challenge is on.  Besides,  who wants to spend money on expensive things and have it destroyed by salt air, or even worse to be stolen when we weren’t there.  If my things get stolen now… HAHA jokes on you, you just stole my TRASH!  (OK, I am just kidding.  I love my trash, please don’t take it. )
So here is my deck three weeks in.   

  We have enough to be comfortable outside,  and now that the basics are done I can enjoy accessorizing and adding to it.  Everything, except for this small table  and the chickens were found on the side of the road!

Table legs were scavenged separately from the window.  Put them together for a beach chic table.
Amazing, right?  If you want to know about anything in particular, let me know.  Basically everything got a coat of Coastal Colors Beach Chic Paint  and a cover of Liquid Steel to protect it in the elements.  It has already been through one thunderstorm and is holding up very well so I am hopeful.  And the paint goes on so easy and dries so quick, I did most of the deck furniture in ONE MORNING. Click here to purchase Coastal Colors Paint.
The biggest transformation was my pitiful card table.  Easy and lightweight, it works great for camping.  It had a couple of tears in the top, stains and needed a thorough cleaning.  But I found it on the side of the road and PAID NOTHING.  

After a good cleaning with Mr. Clean and an old rag… I began painting the legs.  I used Coastal Colors… remember NO SANDING NO PRIMING?  Right, I just went right to painting.  I chose Turks because the color is just striking  and one of my all time favorite go to colors.  I used two coats, but didn’t worry about thorough coverage, I like the shabby look, even on my card tables LOL.  I let it dry, ten minutes and covered it with Liquid Steel.  This is to protect it from the elements. 

Then I covered the top with Contact Paper!  I loved the zebra print I found in Wal mart for $3.96.  I left a little overhang on each edge… then covered the second half of the table the same way, matching up the patterns.  As close as I could without spending too long on it…After I had the paper down secure on the top, I trimmed  all around the table to make it nice and flush.  I could have taken the top off, and if it was a table that I would be using in a different scenario I probably would do that and re attach the top. 

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 But this works perfectly for me now!  Have fun with your card tables… send me your pictures if you try this! 
Next is to replace the cushions!

 I would love to see them posted on my Facebook page!