Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chicken Love

I just love the versatility of Coastal Colors Beach Chic paint.  With the passing of my Mom, I have kept some of her belongings that were at her house.  Mind you, some of these items would mean NOTHING to the average person... but some of these things were my grandma's etc... you get the picture.  Well look what you can do with this paint!!!

These chickens sat on my Grandma's carport F.O.R.E.V.E.R. 
 There was no way I was getting rid of the filthy ugly concrete things  <3  
And there is no reason to fill our landfills... everything can be reinvented somehow, right?
Can't have a picture without some brown dog love, right?
 Here is a picture of the babies, the left is before and the right is with only one coat. 
 The coverage was wonderful!
Baby chick before, Baby chick one coat.

I am loving my Coastal Chickens now!!!
 Finished Chickens above... I used Shore Thing from Coastal Colors!
Shore Thing - Coastal Color Beach Chic Paint.

 Now these chickens have moved from the country to the beach in STYLE!
Let me know what you think!