Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Paint Camp 2014

Sorry it has taken so long to blog about the GREAT PAINT CAMP 2014!  I was so busy during my time there... and then I came home to Hurricane Arthur and then a quick trip to clean out my mother's home... and then a low grade fever that has knocked the wind out of me the past few days... and here I am.  But I HAVE TO SHARE what  I did and learned!!!!
First off, I was in Palm Coast to attend the ReDew Certification.  That probably didn't mean anything to you... or maybe it did.  But here is why... it is a brand new certification from Donna Dewberry's organization that covers upcycling furniture!  My mentor, Sherry Waldman, developed this program and invited me to attend her inaugural workshop.   I was honored and humbled to be a part of this workshop, as it was attended by Donna Dewberry herself, as well as two VERY TALENTED Directors in her organization.   So while the certification itself wasn't information that was too new to me, the experience of being around these talented artists sparked creativity and taught me so much!
I arrived in Palm Coast Wednesday night after my 12 hour drive from Va.  I stayed at the home of my mentor and her husband Joel where I was treated like royalty.   I arrived and was immediately pampered and settled down for bed.
My mermaid gift basket waiting for me

 The workshop was held at their home so I literally stepped out of my bedroom and was ready to go each day!  I also had a lovebug waiting for me everyday... Sweet Duncan!  I have large dogs... but this Mastiff was the largest dog I had ever seen!  I have so much love for this sweet stud.
The workshop area, otherwise known as Sherry's living room, was waiting very inviting for us to learn and create.  Sherry certainly knows what she is doing.

We started off the first day with Donna awarding Sherry her Master's name badge.  Very well deserved, this lady is a firecracker.

And the remaining three days... we learned finishes, made sample boards, some faux painting techniques, and then we learned some art techniques to use on our furniture.  We used Home Decor Chalk paint, which I am selling out of Chaffin Interiors.    One of my highlights was Donna taking the time to sit with me and work on my roses with me, as a part of my Skill builders program.  This was totally unrelated to the ReDew Cert and something that she did being a generous leader.  I am so impressed with her and her genuine and authentic appreciation toward her students. 
I watch her reruns on my DVR with an even bigger appreciation now :)

Some of our projects from the ReDew cert...

Watch out for my class schedules... I will hold a ReDew class in the fall.  So excited to share what I learned!