Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Miracle Cleaner

Y'all know I love you and I have to share...
I have found a new cleaner.  Many of you know about it, but I wonder who else has actually tried it?
My bathtub... it is old.  And tired.  And gray.  Unfortunately NOT a pretty gray, but a 1960's gray that has seen a million baths and showers.  I have tried every commercial cleaner on it, and the closest I have come to having a presentable tub was when I scrubbed with clorox and a white Mr Clean scrubby.
But tonight the family rejoices.  I have found my new go to miracle cleaner.  
White vinegar and blue Dawn.  Half and half.  I did heat the white vinegar on the stove top for a few minutes, poured it and a portion of Dawn into a spray bottle.  Went straight up stairs and sprayed down the tub... waited a few minutes and then went and scrubbed down with a green non scratch scrubby... and, I kid you not, my gray tub just smiled at me.  He is shiny as can be.  And all of the whatever was on there.... GONE. 
So I wanted to pass on the tip to you guys... that stuff really does work!  Go try it and let me know what you cleaned with it!  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Painted Storage Unit

 Found this gem the other day... I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it
 as I loaded it into the Starmobile.

Using Coastal Colors paint Dede(blue) Driftwood (brown) and Seaspray... it is the perfect combination for this piece!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hibiscus Desk

There are ugly babies.
It doesn't mean we love them less... but it is awkward when you meet one with it's beaming mother.
What do you say?  "Wow, look at all that hair!"  "I bet he would love to wear hats!"
And there is ugly furniture.  
And us furniture painters, well we love them even more!  
"I can't wait to get a hold of that"  "I have never seen wood look exactly like that!"
Well, I was given an ugly desk by a dear friend of mine.  It seems as though her daughter had put contact? paper on the top... and then tried to take it off.  As a a brilliant alternative, they had just put some printed maps on top and glassed it up, making a great desk top.
"Do you want this desk?"
"Of course I do" 
So above is the before picture... after I removed the maps and the loose contact paper... 
this is what I was left with.   When you deal with adhesive removal... 
the best solution (and cheap) is heat.  
Out comes the blow dryer!
I just laid the hair dryer on it's side to apply the heat and then just scraped the adhesive off! 
Then I gave it a good scrubbing and got to painting.  
I grabbed a chair from my "pile" (there is always a pile) and knew I needed to update it.  After flipping through my fabrics, I found my inspiration.  This orange Rip Curl fabric was just the thing!  I painted the chair and based the desk with Coastal Colors Seaspray (white) and accented with Just Beachy (orange cream).  I then hand painted the hibiscus with Just Beachy and Bikini (a really great combo).  
The knobs totally didn't work any longer so I switched out with feminine glass knobs.  
A little distressing and a good dose of Fiddes & Sons wax and well... 

we no longer have an ugly desk do we?