Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fireplace Transformation with Coastal Colors Paint!

I got a call a few weeks ago to paint a fireplace. 
I told her I would come look at it but she needs to know that if she wants a factory finish, I am not the one for her.  She said "I've seen your work, I want you."
Wow.  Days later I go to check it out and walk into a BEAUTIFUL home.  The kind of home that makes you not want to have an open can of paint in, if you get my drift?  
But yep, there it is.  A gorgeous fireplace with gorgeous brick... but all wrong for the decor.  The owner had purchased the artwork over the fireplace and wanted it to be the focal point, not the obnoxiously rustic red brick screaming under neath it.  
So today I packed my toolbox and headed over to the client's home.  

 I prayed and prayed.  Please don't let me have an accident.  Please don't let me dump a quart of paint in this beautiful home.  Please don't let me track paint on this top grade carpet.  
You get the idea, right? 
Because we are trying to blend the fireplace into the decor, yet wanted to remember the brick, I chose Sandy Toes in Coastal Colors Beach Chic paint. It is such a yummy warm light brown... well just like sand.  Can't go wrong with that.
The owner went off for a round of tennis and left me to work.
I start on the sides and work in the cut from the walls.  I was fortunate that the owner chose to pre clean it herself.  For cleaning I get pretty expensive  ;)
 Then I went to the top and worked my way down.  Each brick I painted a coat of Sandy Toes, and then follow with a swipe from my damp rag. 

 It was here that I started hearing noises and realized I was not alone.  After some soul searching (Am I really losing my mind?)  I realized that there are birds in the fireplace!  And after a while I hear some chatter... and then they started singing to me.  I felt a little bit like Cinderella ... I captured some of the song...


The birds finally settled down and I went back to painting their nest.  I worked my way all the way down and then was done!   The fireplace now blends with the owner's decor choices and really highlights the artwork over the mantle.