Monday, November 17, 2014


Well, Thank You, Bodacious Bazaar (Hampton, VA), you have absolutely ruined me for every other show.  It is true that I have only been doing shows for almost two years.  And in all honesty the shows that I am in are very well run and organized. One was quite the clunker but we won't talk about that one ;)

Bodacious Bazaar is quite the exception and I have to say that although I am a very tired Coastal Mermaid today... I hate that I am not waking up and going to "the show"!  How many vendors can say that after a three day event with THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of shoppers?  

Every aspect of the show was well run.  From the application process to tear down on the last night it was extremely professional.  I had first applied for the spring show in Fort Monroe.  As it turns out, my mother had unexpectedly passed away the week prior to the show.  Bodacious did not have to refund me or work with me in any way according to the contract I signed.  But when I contacted the organizer, I was assured that all is well AND had my money transferred to the fall show at my request.  No questions asked.  No grief for having missed the show.  Just sympathy and empathy that totally eased my anxiety over missing the show. 

And in case you missed my previous post, My House Looks Like a Trainwreck, But My Booth is Cute, I have to say it again... the check in and set up was a WELL OILED machine.  With over 300 quality vendors (from all over the country!) they had quite a job getting us all in... and not only did they get us in but they had volunteers to help us unload our goodies AND took them to our booths!  I still can't get over that.  As a furniture and big piece vendor... this one thanks Bodacious Bazaar for this from the bottom of my heart.  And the volunteers did NOT make me feel rushed and they treated my lovelies as their own product.  Just can't ask for more than that.  One of them even purchased from me as they unloaded me!  (Pretty good start for me)
Even Santa was on hand in his work britches. 
The show snapped a photo of me as I was setting up!

The show kicked off Friday morning with encouraging words from the organizer Sandra Gardner, who is QUITE a DYNAMO!  And then she sent us off to our booths with a prayer.  This woman speaks to my heart, I tell ya.  

But don't think that is all... all weekend Bodacious volunteers stopped by my booth to see if I needed anything.  Change?  Bathroom break?  Bite to eat?  Yes, I kid you not... they had booth sitters.  Wowzers!  They were truly there to serve their vendors.  It turns out we needed this as the show was so well advertised and marketed that entry to the venue had to be closed twenty minutes after opening Saturday morning because we had met fire code capacity.  Fire marshalls were on hand to assist the over 300 waiting in line to get in as shoppers exited.  Did I say Wowzers before? And I mean WOWZERS!

Then the wrapup...tear down... Show hours on the last day was 10-6.  When you applied, the show hours were posted.  Folks paid to get into this show... at 5:50 the guests should see what they would have seen if they were there at noon.  Mrs. Gardner had her expectations clearly listed and reiterated in writing and by speech.  And my inner rule following self cheered with glee when she charged up to a neighbor vendor at 5:45 who had pretty much packed up his entire booth.  She explained that this was against the rules and totally out of guidelines to do this.  She called him out.  And it was beautiful.  Mrs. Gardner has standards for her vendors AND her guests and this is why it is a quality show for all. 
Lots and Lots of takeaways for me as a vendor, a professional, and a Christian business owner.  So glad to have been a part of this event... and I CAN'T WAIT for the spring show in Fort Monroe.  If you are a vendor I highly recommend you apply.  It is such a great experience.  Tell them Kim from Coastal Star Decor sent you!
 Here are a few shots of my booth from the weekend.  Hope you enjoy!  Ask me about any items you may be interested in.  I am taking special orders for the trees (I ran out)  and my items will be placed at Mint Julep Antiques, Design & Consign Artisan Gallery, Poquoson Art League's Holiday Gallery, and Concrete Creations in Va Beach. 
My lovelies qued on the loading docks ready to go back to their retail stores!

No, I do not know why my lips are blue.  But these are my mermaid girls and I love them and their support!

Saturday I had great help from my BFF so I was able to do painting demos!

On Friday mermaid Laurel stopped by to help!

Added a little Christmas spirit to my booth sign ;)

 My items will be placed at Mint Julep Antiques, Design & Consign Artisan Gallery, Poquoson Art League's Holiday Gallery, and Concrete Creations in Va Beach.