Thursday, November 13, 2014

My House Looks Like a Trainwreck, But My Booth is Cute.

WHAT A BUSY AND EXCITING SEASON!  Being in full time "retail" again at Christmas... well... it can be a little overwhelming!  As a small business owner, we NEED to capitalize on this time of year.  And the shows are there for the willing and able.  As many other business owners can attest, the end of the year is here and the numbers better come in!  
So there are ugly high pressure situations to every career.  Even artists.  The misconception is that artists create when they want, what they want, and can live on any money because most items are all profit.  Well, that is not exactly how it works.  There are so many expenses, and when you are growing your business, the expenses grow even larger as you reinvest.  
So the past two months have been about product for Coastal Star, along with many of my peers.  Capturing Holiday Sales.  And with this of course comes shows and retail spaces.   Less blogging, more late nights.  More shaking hands and kissing babies.  More cutting off nonproductive business relationships.  Feeding the productive ones.  And there is nothing wrong with this..." Tis the Season", right?  
Coastal Star is coming off of a very productive Seafood Festival, and this week I moved into the Poquoson Holiday Gallery, am Demoing at the Ladies Night at Ace Hardware (tonight) and I just moved into my new home for the next three days at the Bodacious Bazaar in Hampton, VA.  I have just recently moved into Design & Consign Artisan Gallery and have recommitted with Mint Julep Antiques in Downtown Hampton. 
What does this mean?  MY HOUSE IS A TRAIN WRECK!  As I moved out furniture and decor out of my barn, upstairs studio, downstairs den I see a month (er, um maybe a little more) of neglect.  Things are everywhere.  Decisions of "Should I paint one more set of glasses to get them in the oven or should I dust the den?"  Do I need to tell you which one I choose?  Dirty laundry hampers are waiting in their nice polite line at the washing machine.  Next week it is about regaining order here... and distributing inventory to retail.  
But this weekend is about FUN!  And it has already started out a winner.  Hauling furniture, I am always concerned about loading/unloading, hauling etc.  At this show, you pull in to the unloading lineup and two volunteers come out to your trailor with a cart and start unloading FOR YOU!!!  Then they took it all to my booth and unloaded it.  WHAT?!?!  AND, GET THIS... SANTA HIMSELF UNLOADED MY FURNITURE!  I found out today that I am on the GOOD LIST!  WAHOO!!!!  
These awesome volunteers saved my morning!  And my BACK!
And here are some sneak peeks of my booth this time.

Come see me!  Let me know you read the blog!  You might find yourself with a surprise!