Monday, December 22, 2014

Painted File Cabinet

 So I acquired this file cabinet in wonderful shape.  
And I had acquired new sealant called Vax and Revax that I was very excited to use!

 I used Coastal Colors SHUTTER and applied two coats.
upcycled filing cabinet
First coat paint

painted furniture
Second coat paint
 I added some light (wet) distressing on corners and pressure spots...
 I then used a layer of the Vax.  I have got to tell you, the jury is still out on the vax.  I LOVE the fact it is non toxic and NO ODOR at all.  However, you must watch endless videos, add water, use a special sponge and still pray you don't get streaks.  Here is the piece with the Pearl revax.  I love this look, especially on the Shutter color.  But note the streaks?  I have been doing this sort of thing a long time.  I am not sure that this is user friendly with my customers than only do pieces periodically.  I was very careful with the product, and did several practice pieces first. Fortunately for this piece, I like the look of the streaks...
with Pearl REvax
 I look forward to using this again by using the pearl to accent certain areas. 
The pearl adds an element that is absolutely delicious.

coastal Star decor
Completed File cabinet.
I'll keep you posted on my next VAX items... stay tuned :)