Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Coastal Colors Beach Chic Paint Story

Thank you all for all of the questions about what paint I use!  It's great timing... and I will tell you why...   Here is my Coastal Colors story...
I had been painting furniture and selling it for quite a while.  I used latex with primer, latex with built in primer, Annie Sloan Chalk paint, Maison Blanche, Webster's Powder, CeCe Caldwell, homemade "chalk" paint.  I liked it all.  Some of it was priced too high for me (y'all know by now I am a frugal gal), some of them didn't adhere like promised etc etc.

I traveled to Belmar, New Jersey to take the Training Brush course from International artist Sherry Waldman. 

 She had Coastal Colors paint that she used and sold out of her store.  Now, I had already flipped over the paint colors from following her and the product online.  I had already committed to buy some based on her testimony.  But what I didn't know is that I would absolutely start a love affair with this paint.  The colors spoke to me in person that I didn't know was possible.  The names of the shades make you feel personal to each one.

 Daybreak, Maddy, Calm, Dolphin... And the actual paint... went on like butter...Distressed beautifully... adhered like white on rice.  Sherry had been using this paint over her 30 year career and had seen her painted furniture twenty years after painting still having great results.  Without even sealing it.  Yep, she preferred the flat look for many pieces and didn't need to seal, so she didn't.  Because she didn't have to.

  I love a wax look and have waxed most pieces with wonderful results as well.   She uses the paint in her own art work and taught her art classes with it... It is just the perfect product for me. 

So I talked her into letting me sell it.  She sold it personally but didn't have outside distributors.  I brought it home to VA like I was carrying a top secret weapon.  And it has taken Tidewater VA by storm. 

Since that trip to Belmar, Sherry has moved to Florida and acquired more stockists there.  And this month, she has introduced the official Coastal Colors Beach Chic website and online store.  I have also opened an online store on my site.  It's time to share her magic with the world, even if it is a little bittersweet for me.  It's hard for kids to share their toys, right?  Please let me know if you have any questions about this paint, I will do my best to answer everyone's questions in my blog.