Monday, March 16, 2015

Great Expectations

"No expectations, no disappointments"
"Expectation is the root of all heartache"
"I really need to expect less of people"
"Peace begins when expectation ends"
"I find my life is easier the lower I keep my expectations"

We expect things from everyone.  We expect love and priority from our family and close friends.  We expect that our paycheck will be on time.  We expect that the school bus will pick up our children every school day and bring them back.  We expect that people in office will fulfill their duties as determined.

And when expectations aren't met, we are disappointed.  Sad, Mad, Hurt, Inconvenienced...
"No expectations, no disappointments"  I use this quote when I am licking my wounds.
So don't expect anything anything from folks and you won't be disappointed, right?
I found myself continuously in this boat.  I had expectations... I was not included, someone didn't step up to the plate as they should, a Dr misread a test result etc etc.

So I was justified to be hurt, right?

UM,   NO.  Just, NO.

Does that teeter on entitlement?  They didn't do as they should have so now I am entitled to feel this way?  UGH.  I HATE THE WORD ENTITLEMENT.  

Time to get a grip.  Why let others control your state of mind?  I had two situations recently.  One of them I went into a meeting with NO expectations.  At all.  Just thought I was making a good business and life contact and learning a little in the process.  Turns out I was completely blessed in that meeting.  My fairy Godmother appeared and granted my three wishes.  No expectations, BIG PAYOFF.  The other situation was completely different.  I had unrealistic expectations of family.  When they didn't do as I expected,  I was completely hurt and disappointed and felt as though I didn't make a cut.
Perfect examples of why we should not have expectations, right?


Dropping expectations is not healthy.  Expectation can be a very healthy motivational tool.  You can't let failed expectations take you to that unhealthy place.  The key, for me at least, is managing my expectations.  Expect things in situations and in people that you can have some influence in.  Your children.  We have expectations of our children.  Are we going to be disappointed?  You betcha.  But they need us to have expectations of them to give them goals and guidelines.  Our loved ones.  Our careers.  If there are no expectations in your career, how do you stay driven to do your best work?
The key to managing our expectations may be in knowing in what situations to have expectations.  My lesson?  When I am experiencing disappointment from failed expectations, what can I do next time to influence things differently?  Nothing?  Very good... learn and move on.  Everything?  Learn from it and change MY OWN behavior.  Change how you perceive.  So hard, but so worth it.  

Mom, you were right again.

"Too many people miss the silver linings, because they are expecting gold."

Monday, March 9, 2015

Kitchen Sink

I really got tickled this morning when I walked into the kitchen and saw my sink area.  It occurred to me that even though this is normal for us, how funny this might look to others.  And yes, I scrub each brush.... every time.  My Daddy taught me to always take care of your tools, and they will take care of you.  Happy painting y'all...get into something good today!
Don't overlook this handy tip: I use my Grandma's towel holder to dry my brushes so my bristles hand correctly.
There actually are some pots and pans back there.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Custom Medicine Cabinet

Sweet Medicine Cabinet brought into Mint Julep antiques & Art for me to revive...  It's a sweet homemade piece, but definitely wanted a little lovin' and updatin'.

 So I took the door off and really got into the inside.  The top shelf was pretty tight, but my short handled brush was worth it's weight in gold in this tight spot!
 Went with a light distressing... this turned into an elegant distressed piece.  I also changed out the off white ceramic know with a new crystal piece.  The dainty knob transformed the entire piece.  Love changing out hardware!