Monday, January 11, 2016

Coastal Star Monday Questions for Kim

Here is the start of my Questions for Kim series.  Thank you so much for everyone who responded!  What fun!  Email or Facebook me your questions to be included in the next Questions for Kim blog!

I'd really like to spend a little time talking further with you about your business, how you've grown it, some do's and don'ts etc. I really need to begin expanding my vision for my own small business and feel a bit lost with where to place my efforts. 
I love to mentor new painters!  I do offer a personal one on one service.  Online or in person, I will meet with you and discuss building your business using my experiences and lessons I have learned from courses I have taken.  Includes Membership to special FB group that will work together and discuss your businesses.
Private Initial consult $95/hour
Private Half hour session after Initial Consult $30

Email me at to get you started and schedule our initial consult!

 How much would you charge to paint a full size bed? I want it in a neutral color. 
Email me a photo of your  furniture that you would like to freshen up. We will discuss colors and find a great fit for your home interior. Based on labor & materials I can give you an estimate per piece via email. We will then schedule a drop off/pick up time. Allow 2-3 weeks for completion.

  If you get too dark wax happy is there a way to correct it or tone it down?  Absolutely.  The key is to wax correctly to begin with.  Always apply clear wax first.  This enables your dark wax to "move"  If you apply dark wax first, the paint grabs it and the dark wax will stick to it, keeping you from being able to manipulate it the way you want to.  You can always add clear wax after the dark as well to work as an eraser and take away excess dark wax.  Clear-dark-clear.

I painted my table but after a few weeks the paint started peeling?  What did I do wrong? The most common mistake I find is not cleaning your piece well.  Always use a degreaser.  NO paint will adhere well to grease.  And just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. 

How do chalk paints do on laminate furniture?
If it is laminate or has a shiny surface, the paint will not adhere. Do a sample if you are unsure.  I always prime my laminates, no matter what brand or type of paint I use.