Thursday, August 4, 2016

Beach Scene Dresser Makeover

I received a text from my niece... "Hey if you want a dresser my friend has one he will give to you but you gotta get  it now. I look up from my phone and see my Grom and lo and behold my Grom's friend.  MUSCLE!!!  I am getting ready to feed them a steak dinner, time to make them earn it.  
"Yep, I can be there"

We pull up and it is sitting on the front stoop, looking very abandoned.  
The owners had even left the house.  

As we took the drawers out to move it, we could tell that it had a hard life.  The 70's trademark shiny surface had many nicks and cracks, and many of the joints were loose and unsturdy.  

I started cleaning and repairing, determined to make this a piece to love.  
The hardware had to go.  
I love to salvage hardware and give it a new look.  These pieces were cheap and broken.  Off you go.
Then I started bracing loose joints, and filling in cracks and loose veneer and clamping things down. 

 I knew I wanted new hardware so I filled in the existing holes and got rid of them so I could add whatever I wanted when I was done.

A good sanding and cleaning later, she told me what she wanted.  
The front surface was so smooth it just cried for a beach scene to make her pretty. 
So I did it.

A good hard surface sealant to protect the paint, and then antiqued glass knobs later... here she is!

Once destined for the dump, will soon be a treasure in someone's home.  

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