Monday, August 1, 2016

Here We Grow... again!

Ok guys... so a lot has been happening here at Coastal Star Decor.  Lots of evaluating, and honestly it just came down to searching who I am and who I have become.  I had started working full time again last fall.  I was looking for some guaranteed money to complete some projects and well... I discovered that the administrative office person that I once was is gone.
 Long gone.
Out of the park gone.
No longer in the building gone.  Get what I am saying to you?
Pushing papers, answering phones, worrying if a reservation was made correctly, caring whose fault something is... I just couldn't wrap my brain around that any longer.  What totally used to by my jam was no longer there.  Not saying I couldn't do the job, I did and I believe I did it well.  But everyday I felt a part of my real self disappearing, and that my candle was dimming... and worse?  I was missing my Grom's appointments and school events.  I was tired.  So tired.

The company I was with was fantastic.  The people were even better.  I am even still dabbling there a couple of mornings a week part time just because it benefits us both for the time being.  I am so honored and humbled with that.

But I discovered that I have changed.  

It is hard enough for creative people to work 9 to 5's.  Most of us don't have a choice and have to plug away.  I respect that.  I have been there.  I am actually still there but Mr. Star and I are willing to take the risk.   I am so fortunate that the hubsters believes in me enough to say... "Ok, let's do this."  Enough so that he is willing to work his career job and come home and help me in mine.  Enough so that he is willing to take on the extra so that I can bloom again.  That... is what marriage is.  And he respects the fact that although I was a total business workhorse OUR ENTIRE MARRIAGE and now all of a sudden I just can't make myself do it?  

"Ok, let's do this."  
 Those words were exactly what my heart needed to hear.

This said, I have taken some time to evaluate what worked with Coastal Star and what didn't and we are coming back strong.  Not saying I will be working mistake free, but I sure will be streamlining man of my processes.

I will still be painting furniture and I look forward to doing custom work for you.  I love custom jobs and enabling my clients to love their own things again.  Taking a piece from their attic and turning into the focus point in a room just makes my heart soar.

I will still be painting art and teaching art classes.  I love the One Stroke method and will continue teaching that technique.

With Donna Dewberry at a One Stroke Convention

Focus will be turning toward the furniture building.  We love our surfboard furniture and decor here at Coastal Star and have begun building Farmhouse tables and other pieces of furniture as well.  What a rush to create a piece out of raw material and straight out of our barn.  No outsourcing materials, we are using American made local products while supporting our local hardware and lumberyards.

I hope you stick with me as I navigate these changes and continue to raise my family and hit the beach whenever possible.  The blog will turn a bit more personal as I will be documenting growing as a small business working wife and Momma who really just wishes she was a mermaid.  Of course, don't we all?