What I Do & Where You Can Find Me!

Coastal Star items can be found in
Design & Consign LLC in Hilton Village, Newport News, VA.  
Concrete Creations in Virginia Beach, Va.

Refinishing Services
Email me a photo of your  furniture that you would like to freshen up. We will discuss colors and find a great fit for your home interior. Based on labor & materials I can give you an estimate per piece via email. We will then schedule a drop off/pick up time. Allow 2-3 weeks for completion. Kim@coastalstardecor.com
Online Furniture/Decor Design Services
Like my style and want me to give you a jump start on your own project?  Send me a photo of your piece and a photo of the space you are putting it in.  I will offer color and finish recommendations.
Piece fee $20
Each additional piece $10
Favorites Post Got a website or product that you would like to promote? Does it look like something that my readers  and I would love too? Email me a photo. I will write a unique post about your product and link to my pinterest page.  If selected a link to your site & product will forever be on my site.
Unique Favorite Post: $195
Business Mentorship for Creative Businesses 
Online or in person, I will meet with you and discuss building your business using my experiences and lessons I have learned from courses I have taken.  Includes Membership to special FB group that will work together and discuss your businesses.
Private Initial consult $95/hour
Private Half hour session after Initial Consult $30

CUSTOM FARMHOUSE FURNITURE - Let us build your family heirlooms!  Click here for more information.

Original Furniture - Most of my items are cast-offs and some are even collected from the side of the road!   The pieces are cleaned thoroughly, repaired, prepped, and reinvented, making each piece one of a kind.


Custom Surfboard Furniture - We can create table, shelves, wedding and special event signing boards... you dream it we will build it! More info can be found on this page.

         Custom Makeovers- I am also available to give your personal furniture the coastal star treatment!  Email me a photo or your furniture that you would like refinished.  We will discuss colors and finishes for the best look for your home.  I can then give you an estimate by email and schedule a drop off time. 

I will choose my materials depending on the piece.  Some pieces call for latex paint and I do not limit my resources.  My pieces are created to be durable, and to enhance your own decor.  I LIVE in my house and develop my furniture to serve families not to be show pieces.     

CLASSES- Workshops and classes to learn how to REFUNK your own furniture and paint using Coastal Colors Beach Chic paint.  One Stroke painting classes to learn how to paint your home decor!